Day: May 9, 2020

Maintaining Your Kitchen – Country Cabinets ETC LLC

Regular maintenance of your new kitchen will increase the useful life of cabinets, appliances, faucets, backsplashes and hardware and also enhance your enjoyment of the space. We always ask clients how often they plan to cook, entertain and eat in their new kitchen. We also ask what other activities regularly take place in the kitchen. Other variables to consider include who will clean the kitchen and how much time and effort you want to keep your kitchen spotless. We consider all of this information to develop a roadmap for specifying the right flooring, countertops, backsplashes, walls, appliances, plumbing and fixtures for you.

Cabinets attract grease, spills, and fingerprints and require regular care to maintain their look and feel. Inset doors require more care, maintenance and effort to clean than their flat panel counterparts. Inset doors feature recesses and grooves where dirt, grease and dust can more easily accumulate.

White kitchens

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Great Garden Gear for Kids

Mother And Daughter Harvesting Radish On Allotment

While you’re waiting to get back in the garden, how about sharing and fostering your love of gardening with the children in your life? Giving them their very own tools and supplies can make them feel not only grown up, but also at home in the garden and excited to dig in, so to speak.  Here are a few options.


It’s easy to find gloves for little hands, but most of them are 100% cotton.  To ensure a secure grip, select cotton gloves that have palms dipped in rubber.

Hats & Sunscreen

While baseball hats for children are common, beach-style hats with wide brims provide better sun protection.  Better still are hats made with fabric that has substantial sun screening properties, such as UPF 50+ fabric to protect kids from the harmful effects of the sun.

Children’s sunscreen is a no brainer when it comes to little ones and

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6 Ways to Celebrate Lawn and Garden Month

Each year, the month of April pays tribute to our lawns and gardens. Spring is a time of regrowth and awakening, a time when we’re eager to get out and enjoy warm, sunny days at long last. Especially now while much of the world is shut in at home, taking solace in our lawns and gardens can be a great way to cope and keep ourselves busy.  Wondering how you can celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month? Let us help you count the ways!

1. Start composting. Feel good about your waste! Did you know, according to the EPA, 30% of trash sent to landfills are food and yard scraps? Composting isn’t as hard as it seems, plus it can greatly reduce your garbage volume while also enriching your garden and helping reduce methane released into the atmosphere (a major factor in climate change). It’s simple–all you need is a

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