United In Design Brings Equity To Interior Design In The United Kingdom

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The interior design world was not built on elitism. Nomadic Mongolians of all social statuses in the 5th century BC employed decorative carpets in temporary abodes for comfort and style; ancient Egyptians spruced up their simple homes with skins and fanciful objects; and some early Asante residential architecture was built with walls decorated with animal designs. However, it was the elite class with means (traditionally royalty and religious leaders) who were able to outfit whole rooms or palatial complexes that brought about the necessity for the professional role of interior designer. Today, the interior design world has continued to be an elite profession, often available to the wealthy few through lineage, expensive education, and opportunities fed via nepotism or connections to the same wealthy clients that originated its need.

Along with systematic racism, the

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Master bedroom remodels offer fresh look

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Like other projects around the house, a master bedroom remodel is an investment.

“Remodel costs tend to run about $110 per square foot, but that is like talking about the average cost of a car,” interior designer Susan L. Miner told HGTV. “It really depends on how many bells and whistles you add.”

Experts say a master bedroom expansion, with a dual bathroom, can range from $10,000 to $30,000, according to HGTV.

Consider the whole space

It’s worth noting that investing in this space will likely pay off in the long run. HGTV notes on its website that remodeling your master bedroom can often be one of the biggest appeals when selling your home.

“A great master suite really makes a potential buyer able to imagine living there. It makes them want to live their lives in that home,” Jane Klein, of Jane Klein Interiors, told HGTV. “I have never

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Melania Trump Will Renovate White House Rose Garden

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WASHINGTON — Melania Trump, the first lady, announced on Monday a plan renovate the White House Rose Garden, a signature showcase of power used by presidents for decades, as her husband enters a crucial stretch of his re-election effort.

The project, which includes electrical upgrades for television appearances, a new walkway and new flowers and shrubs, is meant to be an “act of expressing hope and optimism for the future,” according to remarks Mrs. Trump delivered to the Committee for the Preservation of the White House on Monday morning. “Our country has seen difficult times before, but the White House and the Rose Garden have always stood as a symbol of our strength, resilience and continuity.”

Mrs. Trump’s husband has not exactly focused on those principles during his many appearances in the Rose Garden, repeatedly breaking norms on how presidents use the space as it has become his preferred venue

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Check out this $16.5 million, five-bedroom University Park house that was updated for modern taste

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This Paul Turney-designed home in University Park’s Volk Estates was recently reinvented with a brighter, more colorful design. The 8,535-square-foot home sits on a 0.89-acre lot and is surrounded by greenery.

6810 Turtle Creek Blvd. was originally built by Turney in 2005 and updated in 2020 to add windows, colorful tiles and patterned wall coverings, and the guest house and pool.

The Mediterranean-style home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and four half-bathrooms. The main living areas are on the first floor, including a living room, dining room, library, family room, wet bar and kitchen. The home also has an elevator and an underground wine-room.

Designer Cynthia Collins of Dallas-based Collins Interiors said they added more windows, a new door, and colorful tiles to brighten up the home from its original, darker design.

“It also just felt like it needed a new freshness about it,” Collins said. “We decided to make

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