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Not all that long ago, managing your home network’s security didn’t involve much more than installing an antivirus program on your PC. If only it were still so simple.

It’s no longer just about protecting the computer on which you may be working from home and the laptops the kids may be using as online school starts. Odds are good you’ve got a few other internet-connected devices around the house — phones, tablets, game consoles, maybe a “smart” TV or thermostat or refrigerator or light bulb or kid’s toy or security camera or video-streaming gadget or voice-activated digital valet.


The average U.S. home now has 11 such devices, according to Deloitte, many of which are vulnerable to hacking. If you don’t want cyber cat burglars traipsing across them, potentially spreading malware or ransomware as they go, you’ll want to secure your entire home network.


What are the risks?


Home networks

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The insane Hamptons real estate scene of ‘Million Dollar Beach House’

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A 3,300-square-foot modern mansion boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a heated pool, a roof deck with a fire pit and a deep-water dock — for a yacht, of course — that juts into Sag Harbor Cove.

The place is “a panty-dropper,” says real-estate agent Peggy Zabakolas.

It’s one of the jaw-dropping properties featured on “Million Dollar Beach House,” a reality show about the cutthroat Hamptons property market premiering Wednesday, Aug. 26, on Netflix that follows five brokers at the Nest Seekers agency who go to extreme lengths to please mercurial clients, score listings and close multimillion-dollar deals, all while avoiding on-screen drama.

That last goal, naturally, doesn’t last long. Just take the Sag Harbor spread, priced at $5.99 million last year. The owner, who dubbed her Hamptons hideaway the Patti Shack, has frumpy taste.

“Patti has Buddhas and tchotchkes everywhere,” says listing agent Michael Fulfree, who stands to make $360,000

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