Bed Bath & Beyond’s New Design Service Brings the Dorm Room Home

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For students who will be missing out on the dorm experience this fall, Bed Bath & Beyond has a solution.

Today, the retailer launched College From Home, a new service to help the many students who will be studying online this fall redesign their bedrooms to capture as much of the university experience as possible.

“One of the things we were hearing quite a bit, in particular from parents, is that they really didn’t want their daughter or son to miss out on having the college shopping experience,” said Cindy Davis, the home goods retailer’s CMO. Parents especially felt that way given that their children missed so much of their senior year in high school, she added.

The College From Home service provides design ideas and tips, as well as curated products tied to virtual learning. (The items are, of course, not only intended for distance learners but also students

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HashCash to Design Advanced Digital Infrastructure for Major Hospitality Enterprise

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Industries are accelerating its efforts to bring digital transformation within their existing architecture, and HashCash has been at the forefront, playing its part in aiding businesses. Known for their scalable innovative solutions in infrastructural development, HashCash has joined hands with a USA-based major hospitality enterprise, to design an advanced digital infrastructure, powered by automated processes for streamlining of operations. The modified system will minimize manual operations and enable low-touch experiences for the guests.

“The post-pandemic new normal demands that we embrace the digital benefits and integrate the same within the existing architecture wherever reformation is needed. Businesses cannot stay shut-down forever. We have to innovate to work around the issues and neutralize the same. That’s what HashCash aims to do for the hospitality enterprise and build them a scalable and futuristic infrastructure”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

The ongoing

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Oakwood puts two show homes on the market; each with views

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Nobody could have guessed when Oakwood Homes launched its master-planned Erie Highlands neighborhood overlooking the town of Erie, that six buyers would spend more than $1 million to be there before its final homes were sold.


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FGI Seeks Public Comment on 2020 Update to Guidelines for Design and Construction

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FGI is accepting public comment on the 2020 guidelines through September 30.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the newsletter Briefings on Accreditation & Quality. Briefings on Accreditation & Quality is published through the HCPro Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center.

The Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) is asking for public comment through September on the 2020 update to the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction, which “provide minimum standards for design and construction of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health, care, and support facilities,” according to an FGI announcement.

Used by many state and local authorities having jurisdiction to “regulate design and construction of these facilities,” The Joint Commission (TJC) also cites the guidelines under Environment of Care standard EC.02.06.05.

The standard requires hospitals to manage risks to the environment of care during demolition, renovation and new construction and cites the guidelines as one of the acceptable references

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Knoll’s Design Director on the Joy of Collecting

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AD PRO: What else do you collect?

BP: The other passion I have is cuff links, which the world is sort of running out of. It’s weird; with the level of informality in the world, I wear them less and less. But the question of understanding them is influenced by the fact that I experience them every day.

AD PRO: Do you have a guiding collecting principle?

BP: I encourage people to collect, even if it’s just bubble gum wrappers, because the exhilaration that’s associated with the process is really quite fun. In the scheme of things, depending on what you are collecting, this is a fortunate situation to be in and a clearly very privileged thing to get to do. But I hope that it can happen on all levels. In the same way that my parents encouraged me to have a bank account and to understand the value

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Turn Your Garage into the Living Room You’ve Always Wanted

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How do you add more square footage to your house without increasing its size?

It might sound like a riddle, but the answer is easy: look to your garage.

“Most municipalities require extensive architectural drawings for new additions,” explains KV Harper, founder and principal of the New Orleans-based firm Kex Design + Build, who warns prospective builders to think twice before constructing something new. “A garage conversion is a bit less extensive since the structure is already existing.”

You will still need approval and permits for the project, but the process will be simpler and likely shorter, and can be a great solution for a family in need of more living space, a guest suite, or an office. But here’s what homeowners should ask themselves before giving up their garage.

What’s Your Budget?

Even though you’re not building a new structure, converting a garage can still be an expensive

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Theory Design finalizes interiors for two Seagate models

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Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi, Lead Designer Adriene Ged, and interior designer Cynde Thompson have finalized the interior designs for Seagate Development Group’s two new furnished models at Esplanade Lake Club.  Esplanade Lake Club is a 778-acre resort lifestyle community being developed by Taylor Morrison.  The gated community is positioned on a 352-acre lake and is attracting significant homebuyer traffic.  The new models feature Seagate’s Santorini and Genova floor plans.  Both models will debut in April 2021.  The designers also created the interior for Seagate’s completed Monaco model that is now open for viewing and purchase at Esplanade Lake Club from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Dupree’s vintage clothing, decor shop just opened in South Milwaukee

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If you drive down Milwaukee Avenue in South Milwaukee, you might catch a glimpse of a 1960 Pontiac Star Chief and a 1964 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood. 

Those belong to Natalie “Bonnie Holly” Gajewski and Jo Donner — two friends who recently opened a shop featuring vintage clothing and accessories, and mid-century decor at 1310 Milwaukee Ave. 

Donner already has an online shop called Miss D’Meanor Designs, where she sells sweater clips that she creates, and other vintage goodies. 

Gajewski owns Barberella, a contemporary hair salon with a vintage twist, right down the street from the new store. She has specialized in vintage hair for about 20 years.  

Together, they now own Dupree’s, named after a character in the John Waters film “Cry-Baby.”

The store carries vintage clothing, from the 1930s to modern day reproductions, accessories, such as, hats, jewelry, and

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Palm Beach decorating: Don’t be flummoxed by phlox-inspired room decor – Lifestyle – Palm Beach Daily News

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The pink, white, magenta and violet colors of phlox inspire decorating ideas for the master bedroom.

My sister, Vivian, who lives outside of Seattle in a small country town, recently sent me a text with a photograph of the phlox flowers in her garden. The pink, white, magenta and violet colors reminded me that phlox was my mother’s favorite flower in the garden she so carefully tended.

I also recalled how as a child, I used phlox in the arrangements I would enter in the annual shows held by the garden club at town hall in Nahant, Massachusetts. For many many years, the Varney children had a few arrangements in different categories to enter. I don’t remember ever getting first prize, but second and third, I do recall! There was definitely a decorator blooming in the flower show.

Perhaps my sister would remember what prize her entry was awarded.


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7 ways to design your baby’s room

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Are you planning to design a stylish nursery for your little bundle of joy? There is so much planning that goes into designing a baby’s room. From the bassinet to the crib, where should each item go has to be decided beforehand to make sure that when the baby arrives, you have everything within reach to attend to them. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A baby’s room can still be full of style and playfulness. 

With some creativity and planning, it is possible to decorate your baby’s room the way you want. Plus, this might be your only chance to have some opinions in decorating their room before they are old enough to give an opinion on everything. If you’re not sure where to start and what to include, then we might be able to help in that sphere. 

Without further ado,

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