United In Design Brings Equity To Interior Design In The United Kingdom

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The interior design world was not built on elitism. Nomadic Mongolians of all social statuses in the 5th century BC employed decorative carpets in temporary abodes for comfort and style; ancient Egyptians spruced up their simple homes with skins and fanciful objects; and some early Asante residential architecture was built with walls decorated with animal designs. However, it was the elite class with means (traditionally royalty and religious leaders) who were able to outfit whole rooms or palatial complexes that brought about the necessity for the professional role of interior designer. Today, the interior design world has continued to be an elite profession, often available to the wealthy few through lineage, expensive education, and opportunities fed via nepotism or connections to the same wealthy clients that originated its need.

Along with systematic racism, the

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Rams hope rearranged locker room will lead to better team chemistry

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Rams players will begin arriving for COVID-19 testing on Monday and Tuesday as the team prepares for the start of training camp. The entire organization as a whole, however, has been getting ready for the arrival of players and staff for quite a while.

Like all other teams, they’ve been tasked with ensuring the facility adheres to league guidelines pertaining to social distancing and limiting the spread of germs – things like spreading lockers out, removing door handles and installing a temperature sensor when entering the building.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network got a tour of the Rams’ rearranged facility and shared some insight in a detailed article on NFL.com. One aspect of this complicated matter that could benefit the Rams is the locker room design.

Rather than putting players in the same position group together in the locker room, the Rams are separating them to hopefully limit the spread

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What Is Brutalist Design? Here’s the Scoop on This Raw, Minimal Design Theme

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Brutalist design shows up in the home in the form of exposed brick, poured concrete floors, sharp angles, and a color palette that skews neutral and gray.


The words “Brutalist design” may not conjure up examples of architecture as easily as, say, “midcentury modern” or “Spanish Mission.” But you’re probably familiar with more Brutalist works than you think.

In fact, iconic Brutalist structures are rather unforgettable, including the Met Breuer museum in New York City and Boston’s City Hall. These mammoth concrete buildings look almost scary, yet  they represent a raw plainness and honesty in design that has been popular for decades.

Elements of Brutalist design also show up in the home in the form of

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Twelve South PowerPic Review 2020 | The Strategist

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Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a portable speaker, or a pair of headphones, we all have something we need to charge. Always. It is a necessity in our continuously connected world. It’s also a source of constant clutter. I used to flinch as I walked past the cabal of chargers littering the side tables, counters, bookshelves, and even windowsills around my family’s apartment. With two adults and two tweens sheltering at home, our living room had taken on the vibe of an AT&T display case. We needed something to reduce the number of cables in our home. This all-in-one cable is close, but it isn’t something I want to leave out all the time. The Twelve South PowerPic charger, however, is.

If you didn’t know the PowerPic was a phone charger, you’d think it was a typical five-by-seven photo frame — and a nice one at that. It’s made

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inspiring looks for all styles and budgets

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Our roundup of living room ideas is here to inspire you to transform your lounge quickly. We have always been all about room revamps that don’t take forever – or cost a fortune and living rooms are perfect for that because it doesn’t take much to make them feel all new and shiny. But, with so many different looks and living room ideas out there, where do you start?  

Well, we recommend right here because we have put together our edit of all the latest living room looks, achievable trends, colour schemes, styling tips and design advice so you can add personality to your space and get your living room just how you want it. No matter what your style or budget, or your room’s size, you will find plenty of inspiration here. And, if you are after more practical advice on living room design, make sure you check out

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Design ideas from an outdoor room with cover from the elements

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As soon as Robin Anderson laid eyes on her client’s sunroom, her mind flashed to an image of a squared-off patio structure she had seen in a Southern magazine. Convinced her clients’ Weston home didn’t need another sitting room, Anderson collaborated with architect Diane Lim to make her vision come to life. “The sunroom didn’t fit in stylistically, and I knew the uninsulated windows would be problematic,” the Cambridge-based designer says. Removing the windows and opening the space up gave the homeowners a peaceful, shady spot where they can relax, as well as the added bonus of a brighter entryway. “Sunlight streams through the French doors that open to the patio, right into the interior of the house,” Anderson says.

1 Woven chairs from Crate & Barrel are sizable but still feel airy, thanks to the open sides. “I’m always on the hunt for affordable outdoor furnishings since they need

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Living Room designs that inspire your home decoration trends!

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We are all acquainted with the expression – first impression is the last impression. It may be a cliché, but we can’t dismiss the fact that we tend to judge everything we set our eyes onto – be it a person, a dress, shoes, or even an apartment! To give an analogy, your living room is your most identifying feature, kind of like the face of your space. It is the first room we enter, it is where we entertain the most and it sets the tone for the rest of your home! To help you create a space that reflects your personality, this collection of designs showcase a warm, comfortable space, each of which is unique in its identity yet carries a strong characteristic of its own!

Given that its been raining where I live, Daniel Reuterswärd’s living room design is the perfect environment for me to curl up

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Rethinking the design of restrooms

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It’s certainly not the sort of thing one mentions in polite company, so forgive us for mentioning public restrooms – but COVID is changing them, and before too long, you are bound to notice.

“The state of the American restroom? Well, it’s evolving,” said Kathryn Anthony, an architecture professor who thinks a lot about American restrooms. In fact, she is vice president of the American Restroom Association.

“There’s great room for improvement,” she told correspondent Richard Schlesinger. “And in this era of COVID, it’s more and more important that we all have clean, safe restrooms to go to.”

Right now, the American Restroom Association believes there are too many surfaces to touch, and too little privacy in the privy.

“These days, with COVID you just don’t want things spreading from one place to another,” said Anthony.

Experimenting with new designs in plumbing.

CBS News

You don’t have to be Dr.

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10 Timeless Dining Room Trends That’ll Never Go Out of Style

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the dining room is nearly its equal. You gather here for meals, holidays, and celebrations, which means this spot should look great and serve your needs year after year.

But you likely don’t want to entertain family and friends in a room that’s overly trendy. Instead, stick with the classics—and you’ll give thanks every time you break bread.

To help with this task, we’re continuing our series “Timeless Home Design Trends” on ideas for dining room furniture, lighting, and decor that will never grow old on you or your guests. Here are the top 10 dining room looks that will endure.

1. Pedestal table

This classic table seats six comfortably.
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60+ Bedroom Decoration Ideas & Photos

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At the end of the long day, all you want is to land in a cozy, comfortable space of your own. Your bedroom decor should reflect rejuvenation, comfort, and care. How can you design a space that both reflects your personal style and creates a cocoon of coziness?

Whether you’re looking for small bedroom decor for your apartment or overhauling a larger master bedroom, these decoration tips, color combinations, and layout options can transform the whole way you look at bedtime. We’ll also explore how to choose an accent wall, work with wall decor, or utilize the natural light in your bedroom for the ultimate haven in your home.

1. Photo Wall

Bed with floating shelf above.

The bedroom is an excellent space to showcase the people in your life that inspire love and comfort. Create a photo display with matching or complementary frames in a cluster across an accent wall. Choose a wall that

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