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8 Light LED Paver Light Kit with 5 Ft Cables – for Pavers, Stone, and Concrete.

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Hardscape Depot’s Paver Light of choice. PAVERDOTs feature:

    • CREE LEDs


    • ETL safety rated


    • Waterproof, Weatherproof, and Salt Air Resistant


    • Time & labor saving Plug-N-Play Connector System


    • NexGen High Output LED option


    • Step and Stair Light option


    • 10 Year Warranty


    • Made in the USA


This combination makes the PAVERDOT product an outstanding choice for both Landscape Pro and DIY use. For the landscape or paver pro, the combination of quality + high performance + oustanding warranty = peace of mind. PAVERDOTs are made right here in the USA Land Rover Disco Sport Personal Lease and product/warranty support are but a phone call away. For the DIYer, paver, stone, and concrete lighting can be tricky; PAVERDOT paver lights have simplified installation and again you can always contact us or DEKOR for product support if you have questions. And did we mention how great they look installed?

PAVERDOT paver lighting embedded in flastone

The 8 light outdoor PAVERDOT light kit from DEKOR is designed to be embedded in stone, pavers, or concrete. These tiny “dot” lights are the perfect finishing touch for patio, walkway, driveway or pool deck and are designed to be walked upon. Land Rover Disco Sport Used Cars They install flush with the surface, are completely sealed, waterproof and weatherproof. The lights are tough, able to withstand the elements: snow, rain, heat, cold, and salt air.

Dimmable warm white light. PAVERDOTs emit light at 3200° K, meaning they have the ambiance of incandescent lighting. The lights are also dimmable with DEKOR’s EZDIMMERWP or new WiFi Dimmer and app.

Safe and Certified. PAVERDOTs are safety rated and meet ETL, CE and RCM/CTick safety standards – peace of mind for both you and your customer.

Long lasting and durable. Our PAVERDOT lights are extremely strong, will not rust, and can handle foot traffic and light vehicular traffic (ex. your car parked on your driveway). PAVERDOT transparent polycarbonate covers will not yellow with age. The lights are built to withstand years of “wear and tear” and DEKOR stands behind its product with an unbeatable 10 year warranty.

Built with CREE LEDs

CREE LEDs. PAVERDOTs are built with high quality CREE LEDs, known for their super bright light, long life and superior energy efficiency. DEKOR is a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.

NexGen™ Lighting Option. For when you need lighting with extra punch. PAVERDOTs may be purchased with DEKOR’s standard LED configuration or with new 3X brighter NexGen LEDs. NexGen LEDs feature CREE Advanced XT series LEDs and some smart electronics that allow a far greater light output for a relatively small increase in footprint.

3X Brighter NexGen LEDs available

Expandable. Our outdoor PAVER DOT kit comes with 8 light elements … you can add lights up to the number supported by the transformer or power supply. If you need more lights, you can just upgrade the transformer.

Connector Cable Length. Lights can can be spaced up to 24″ apart (based on 5ft connector cables). If you need more space between lights, you can buy the PAVERDOT light Kit that comes with longer (10 ft) cables.


Outdoor PAVERDOT Light Kit Package Contents

Each kit contains:

( 7 ) LED PAVERDOT Light Elements with 2 connector ends
( 1 ) LED PAVERDOT Light Elements with 3 connector ends
( 1 ) EZ Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (36 watt)
( 1 ) EZ Photocell Timer (dusk to dawn Timer) with variable timed off settings
( 1 ) Transformer to Splitter WP Connector 20’ length
( 7 ) PLUG-N-PLAY 5’ Cables
( 1 ) Installation Instructions

7 of the light elements have 2 connectors for power in and power out to the next light. The last light has 3 connectors for power in, power out and connection to transformer out.

The power supply / transformer included with this kit supports up to THIRTY (30) PAVER Dots. If you are ordering additional Paver Dots with your kit, you can request to upgrade your transformer when you purchase online.

If you need longer connector cables to put the lights further than 24″ apart, you can buy the PAVERDOT Kit that comes with longer (10 ft) cables.

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