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Corpse flower blooms in Cibodas Botanical Garden

The odor comes from amino acids that come out through the surface of the cob. The stench produced when the flowers bloom attracts the attention of various insects, and they come and help pollinate the plant

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A giant corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum Becc.), reaching 291 centimeters in height, has bloomed once again in the Cibodas Botanical Garden Conservation Center at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Bogor.

The flower, which is a part of the taro tribe (Araceae), is also known as the carcass flower as, when it blooms, it emits an odor so foul and potent that it can be smelled within a 100-meter radius.

“The odor comes from amino acids that come out through the surface of the cob. The stench produced when the flowers bloom attracts the attention of various insects, and they come and help pollinate the plant,” said one of the

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The San Francisco Botanical Garden may be closed, but you can still see the colorful spring bloom inside

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) — Spring is here and the plants and trees at the San Francisco Botanical Garden are in full bloom.

Pink and white rhododendrons are billowing from branches, bright red camellias are bursting from trees and a mishmash of colorful flowers blanket the South Africa area.

“The flowers are just coming to life. The garden is just looking beautiful and lush right now,” said executive director Stephanie Linder.

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The botanical garden has over 9,000 types of plants in its 55 acres of land inside Golden Gate Park. It serves as a conservation site for all types of plants.

VIDEO: An overlooked oasis in Golden Gate Park celebrates its 80th anniversary

“We preserve species outside of their native habitat, so in case something happens to their native habitat they are not going extinct because

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Norfolk Botanical Garden offers refuge for social distancing

NORFOLK, Va. — Getting out of the house without putting yourself at risk is a challenge nowadays, but your odds of social distancing are pretty good if you have 175 acres of green space to roam.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is staying open for as long as people can stay safe.

“I’m really proud and really glad that we’re able to be open at a time when people really, really need it,” says Marketing Communications Director Kelly Welsh.

Garden staff made adjustments, including closing all buildings and requesting online ticket purchases only.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is now open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Welsh says visitors come throughout the day, but they never have a problem with crowds.

“People are really taking [social distancing] seriously and they’re abiding by those rules, and we need their help to do that.”

Between the 16 miles of

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New Orleans City Park: Take a virtual tour of the New Orleans Botanical Garden

The New Orleans Botanical Garden attracts visitors year round to experience 10 acres of lush greenery and striking sculptures.

The seeds for City Park’s beautiful garden were planted in the 1930s, and the Botanical Garden remains one of the few examples of public garden design from the Art Deco period.

Today, the natural escape features more than 2,000 plants from around the world.

Photo courtesy: New Orleans City Park

Over the years, the Botanical Garden has undergone dramatic improvements including the newest addition in 2019. City Park opened a large outdoor Kitchen in the Garden, a new culinary event space and hub for food education.

Even though the Botanical Garden is shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can still virtually take a stroll through the garden.

Pair our video tour with this virtual tour offered by City Park and the map below for the ultimate at-home experience. City

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You can now take a virtual tour of the New York Botanical Garden’s gorgeous tulip garden

The New York Botanical Garden remains temporarily closed, but springtime weather is bringing vivid blooms to the grounds!

With essential staff still on-site at the beloved Bronx-based garden, caring for their collection of florals, they took to capturing the blooms unfolding so New Yorkers won’t miss a beat.

The vivid colors of our many varieties of tulip are creating a confetti of petals in yellow, red, pink, and more for the essential staff caring for our collections. End your day with a calming walk among the tulips at NYBG,” they wrote on their website. 



Courtesy NYBG


You don’t need to wait to leave your apartment to relish the spring and see thousands of tulips in a bright field. You can also check out other florals in the Botanical Garden’s spring landscape like the rhododendrons, daffodils, magnolias over their 250 acres. They’re also offering a

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Welcome to the Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Our mission is to enhance the life of residents and visitors by promoting beautiful gardens for the enjoyment of plants and the environment through year-round educational and recreational programs.  Enjoy highlights of 2019’s garden volunteers and events in our short video welcome.


Ongoing Plant Sale in the "Honor Box"Our “Honor Box” area is stocked with an ever-changing assortment of pollinator-friendly native perennial plants to help create diverse and beneficial habitat for wildlife.  Most plants in the sale section are priced at only $5.  Just drop your cash or check in the “Honor Box Birdhouse”.

Honor Box Birdhouse Payment DropAll proceeds benefit the Williamsburg Botanical Garden.


Donate to the Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Although Williamsburg Botanical Garden is a Public Garden, Wedding Ceremonies of any size and Portrait Photography of any kind requires scheduling and a permit with fees paid thirty days prior to the event. For additional information refer to WilliamsburgBotanicalGarden.org or email us at

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Toledo Botanical Garden Metropark | Metroparks Toledo

Toledo Botanical Garden is a museum for plants.

A museum for plants, Toledo Botanical Garden offers visitors the opportunity to share, discover and enjoy nature’s beauty. With more than 60 acres of display gardens and relevant plant collections, TBG is full of beauty, tranquility and opportunities for exploration and reflection.

Green thumbs come to the Garden to learn more about the varieties of annuals and perennials nestled within the various beds and look for ways to incorporate new ideas into their home landscapes. Art lovers are inspired by the Artisan Village, original sculptures located throughout the Garden and the annual Crosby Festival of the Arts. Music enthusiasts groove to the smooth sounds of local jazz performers during our summer concert series. And children become engaged in our natural world through educational, hands-on plant exploration and pioneer living activities.

There’s truly something for everyone at Toledo Botanical Garden. People of all

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Discounts to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Are you’re looking for discounts to Garden Lights, Holiday Nights?
click here for info on the 2019 light display.

I’m a member of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, but were I not, I’d take advantage of a deal to go, as there’s plenty to see & do.

On view through October 29, 2017, The Curious Garden exhibition features 11 site-specific installations by artist Adam Schwerner. Per the summary: “Bold, often unexpected, man-made and altered natural materials are employed to direct the eye to focus on the simple beauty of nature. In some cases, art objects are suspended, piquing the curiosity even more when forced to look up at the magnificence of tree canopies and brillant skies.”

To see The Curious Garden in a different light, head out for Cocktails in the Garden, happening on Thursday evenings through September 28, 2017. Admission to Cocktails in the Garden is free for members &

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Nitobe Memorial Garden – UBC Botanical Garden


Welcome to Nitobe Memorial Garden, a traditional Japanese stroll garden and authentic tea house located at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Nitobe Memorial Garden is considered one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. “I am in Japan. ” These words were spoken by Emperor Akihito—as he walked through the garden.

Nitobe Memorial Garden celebrates the memory of Dr. Inazō Nitobe (1862-1933), a remarkable Japanese figure whose goal was “to become a bridge across the Pacific.” Throughout his life, Dr. Nitobe strove to promote a better understanding of Japanese culture in the West at a time when Japan was inconceivably foreign in the minds of most Westerners. Unfortunately, he died on October 15th 1933, in Victoria, British Columbia, en route to Japan following a conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations in Banff, Alberta.

Nitobe Memorial Garden was created as a memorial to Dr. Nitobe and his

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Shop & Garden Centre – UBC Botanical Garden

Purple hellebore growing amongst ferns

Winter Bloom Sale

Date: Monday, February 10, 2020 – Saturday, February 15, 2020
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Location: Shop in the Garden, 6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z4

Drop by for our new arrivals in the shop and a selection of winter blooming plants/shrubs such as

hellebores, cyclamen, camellias and many more. A selection of indoor plants will also be available.



Nestled at the entrance to UBC Botanical Garden, the Shop in the Garden features unique treasures for gardeners and novices alike. The Shop in the Garden showcases a diverse selection of gardening and botanical books, handy garden tools and accessories, distinctive gifts and dried flower arrangements. The Garden Centre offers seasonal choice selections of perennials, small trees, shrubs and vines for the garden and patio.

The Shop in the Garden and Garden Centre is operated by the garden’s volunteers, the Friends of the UBC Botanical

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