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Home improvement’s ‘new normal’ amid coronavirus


Home improvement companies are only doing a fraction of their normal workload and are dealing with customers who don’t wanted them inside their homes despite taking safety precautions against spreading the coronavirus. 4/1/20

Delaware News Journal

In the 14 years Marcin Jodko has been in the home improvement business, he has never seen anything quite like the coronavirus pandemic.

He never expected to be turned away by his customers, who fear having someone potentially infecting their family with the virus. He never expected that he would be working only about 20% of the jobs he normally would be this time of year.

Yet, this is exactly what he is doing. 

The home improvement industry and all those who depend on it have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, here in Delaware and across the country. Not only has business gone down as social distancing measures make people more

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Home improvement fills time for Greenville residents amid coronavirus



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This story is part of a series begun by USA TODAY capturing what America looks like as state economies slowly reopen. The “Rebuilding America” project examines what consumers can expect in key drivers of SC commerce.

With the coronavirus outbreak closing schools, workplaces and recreational activities, people have been stuck at home trying to fill the hours and many in Greenville County have either picked up a hammer or the phone to call in contractors for home improvement projects.

The result has been increased business at home improvement stores and steady business for Upstate contractors. 

DIY projects fill time for homeowners

Fountain Inn’s Billy Anderson, Jr. is among the many Upstate residents who have been looking for ways to fill the time since the coronavirus has kept him stuck at home.

“Not having something to do is driving me crazy, so

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Public Garden’s Duckling Day will be held online amid coronavirus concerns

Boston’s Public Garden will move its annual “Duckling Day” Mother’s Day event online this year, as organizers seek to maintain some of the spirit of the kid-friendly gathering amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the cancellation or postponement of so many other traditions.

Duckling Day will be held on the organization’s Facebook page May 10 starting at 12 p.m., the Friends of the Public Garden said in a statement Monday.

The broadcast runs for about 20 minutes, and it will feature a personal message from Mayor Martin J. Walsh and a video from Duckling Days past. WCVB-5 anchor Rhondella Richardson will do a live reading of Robert McCloskey’s “Make Way for Ducklings.”

On most years, hundreds of people dress up like characters in the book on Duckling Day to celebrate the classic children’s story with a parade, crafts, and circus games.

“We know many families were excited and

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Traffic light for bathroom break is new normal in coronavirus Italy

BASTIA UMBRA, Italy (Reuters) – Simone Mela never dreamed that a traffic light would determine when he could take a bathroom break in the factory where he works. But in the world according to coronavirus, that is the new normal.

A worker is seen by a traffic light limiting the access to bathrooms inside the ISA factory that has introduced new safety measures to respect social distancing among workers to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bastia Umbra, Italy, April 22, 2020, in this still image taken from video. REUTERS TV via REUTERS

And he feels lucky to have a job. Only 200 of the 800 workers at the ISA company, which makes refrigerated display cases for bars, restaurants and supermarkets, have so far been able to return to the factory in Italy’s Umbria region.

The gradual return has been made possible through a combination of solutions

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Is B&Q Open Near Me? B&Q Reopens 155 Stores, Coronavirus Lockdown

B&Q has now reopened 155 stores across the UK where it will implement strict social distancing measures, four weeks since closing its stores following the coronavirus lockdown.

Since 23rd March when the UK lockdown was announced, B&Q switched to making its website, diy.com, as its primary store, closing all brick-and-mortar stores for browsing and purchasing, offering only a contact-free Click + Collect service from local stores, and a limited home delivery service.

As a hardware store, B&Q falls under the government’s list of ‘essential’ businesses and is allowed to remain open throughout lockdown, however, it proceeded to close stores for the safety of its staff and customers.

In the last few weeks, B&Q has ‘watched other essential retailers support social distancing in their stores’, and is now following best practice by reopening selected stores.

The retailer first trialled 14 stores at the weekend, followed by 61 stores on Wednesday and

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Best home projects to do if you’re quarantined due to coronavirus

As the U.S. confronts the spread of the novel coronavirus, most of the country has now implemented stay-at-home orders. And while we grapple with how to pay rent, whether we’re headed into a recession, and how the virus is impacting the housing market, we’re also left with a more basic question: What should we do while we’re stuck at home?

There’s only so much comfort TV to binge-watch before restlessness kicks in, so for those of us that are able, this extended time indoors is an opportunity to tackle those long-avoided home projects. Of course, now is not the time to flock to the stores for nonessential items, so we’ve gathered a list of ways you can upgrade your space with things you probably already have at home.

From restyling your bookshelves to prepping your planters for spring, here are 21 easy projects you can do while social distancing at

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How the coronavirus might change bathroom design

Onion Flats redesigned their bathrooms to save space, but it actually is a healthier design.

In a recent post, Home design lessons from the coronavirus, I suggested that we should bring back the vestibule: “Even in apartments, there should be a vestibule with a door on each end, a big closet, and enough room to take off your coat and shoes without entering the home.” I also suggested that there be a sink in the hall, and showed the layout of a typical suburban prefab where the main door is actually through the garage:

Years ago when I worked in the prefab modular home biz, I asked why the powder room was often placed in what I thought was a weird place. Pieter, the company owner, told me that most of the homes were built on lots in the country for working people who drive long distances and they often

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Shaggy Recommends Bangin’ on the Bathroom Floor While Quarantined During Coronavirus

Here are a few things I didn’t know about Shaggy, the chart-topping Jamaican reggae-ish singer behind hits like “It Wasn’t Me,” “Angel,” and “Boombastic,” prior to prepping for our interview: He served in the Marines, achieving the rank of lance corporal, and fought in the Persian Gulf; he honed his singing voice during his Jarhead years; he is not named after the stoner Scooby-Doo character; and he’s a happily married man with three daughters.

He’s also very, very funny—although that part I was aware of, having been subjected to his smash tune “It Wasn’t Me” (and butchering it at karaoke) on a number of occasions. Which brings us to the occasion of our chat: the 20th anniversary of the so-called cheating anthem, released on July 8, 2000.

You’re probably aware of the premise. Rikrok, in a last-ditch effort, phones Shaggy for advice on what to do after his girlfriend

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How to Clean Your Kitchen | Protect your home from the coronavirus

In the Kitchen: Prevent the Spread of Infection.

Bacteria can spread anywhere in the kitchen.  So it’s important to wash your hands and kitchen surfaces before and after making food.

Kitchen and More showroom disinfecting every day

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It’s not only where the food is prepared, but it is also where the family meets to share meals and play board games together, or where the children do their homework. If not properly cleaned, the kitchen could turn into a storehouse of bacteria and germs. Keep your kitchen clean and hygienic to prevent those bacteria and germs from making you and your family sick.

  1. Wipe the counters and the stovetop using a paper towel with dish detergent and water. Use a fresh paper towel, then rinse the soap with clean water. Let the counters and oven dry.
  2. Place 1 small cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water together. Load
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The War Against Coronavirus Comes to the Bathroom

illustration of a late-1800s bathroom
A state-of-the-art bathroom of the late 1800s, when concerns about hygiene and infectious disease began to reshape American homes. New York Public Library

Cholera and tuberculosis outbreaks transformed the design and technology of the home bathroom. Will Covid-19 inspire a new wave of hygiene innovation?

If Lloyd Alter were building a new house right now, he’d be sure to add one unusual feature: a bathroom sink in the front vestibule. “We’re going to see a real resurgence of the vestibule, I think,” says Alter, a former architect and design historian who now teaches Sustainable Design at the Ryerson School of Interior Design. “This is a transition zone from the outside to the inside, where you take off your dirty stuff and you wash your hands before you go into the house.”

Alter predicted that disease-avoidance would rise to the fore of bathroom design a few years ago, when

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