front garden retrospective | A Growing Obsession

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Agave ‘Jaws’ needs careful handling. I sawed off a couple leaves from the base this week that were crushing Yucca rostrata and now type with bandaided fingers.

Since I greedily planted the long, narrow front garden smack up against the fence that separates us from legions of parked cars and noisy, fast-moving traffic, it’s difficult to maneuver around for photos (and maintenance). Also, a lot of toothy customers are packed in these close quarters, like the fearsome ‘Jaws,’ and Furcraea macdougalii. I constantly vacillate between privacy and a more streamlined garden that’s visually open to my neighbors. The west end closer to the driveway is unhedged, but this eastern end is like a little green cloister.

 photo P1011302.jpg
Looking east at a hedge of ‘Little Ollie’ “dwarf” olives (now upwards of 9 feet!) Curving pathway leads to east patio. The driveway is behind us to the west, past Acacia podalyrifolia.
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Planting guide and reminders to keep your kitchen garden growing

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Angelica Sow seed Asparagus Plant out (transplant) seedlings Asparagus Pea (also Winged bean) Sow seed Basil Sow seed Beans – climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) Sow seed Beans – dwarf (also French beans, Bush beans) Sow seed Beetroot (also Beets) Sow seed Borage (also Burrage, Bugloss) Sow seed Brussels sprouts Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Carrot Sow seed Celeriac Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Celery Plant out (transplant) seedlings Chicory (also Witloof, Belgian endive) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed Chinese cabbage (also Wong
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EagleVail Community Garden | Growing food and community organically!

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The EagleVail Community Garden would like to thank the EagleVail Metro District for their generous image001support in allowing us to use the garden site.

2020 Garden Plots!

Corporate Gardenersplease use this online application.

All other gardenersplease use this online application.

It’s not too late to apply or renew! Please submit the Renewal Application and Money as soon as possible to secure your garden plot.

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about growing tomatoes, squash, or tender greens. But although the growing season at 7,600 feet above sea level is short, it’s very intense!

The residents of EagleVail, with the support of the EagleVail Metro District, created the community garden under the leadership of community organizers Cassie Pence and Keri Hayes in 2011. The first enthusiastic plot holders planted their gardens in the spring of

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Gardening and Growing with The Garden Helper

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Winter Gardening

This time of year finds most people scurrying about with a long list of ‘gotta-dos’.
Probably the last thing on anyone’s mind is working in their gardens.
Fortunately, the list of winter gardening ‘to-dos’ is more like a list of ‘don’t-dos’

There are a few things to keep an eye on, and a few optional things you can do in the garden like
transplanting trees and shrubs and taking some hardwood cuttings.
Your biggest concern will probably be tending to your house plants.

Please don’t forget about taking care of your feathered friends!
Keep your bird feeders cleaned and filled, especially when there is snow on the ground!

Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Four Generations of Living Christmas Trees

In 1851, the first Christmas tree stand was set up on a street corner in New York city. Today there are over 32 million Christmas trees sold each year in this country. There are over

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Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: The Basics of Planting & Growing

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Ready to jump into gardening? It can be daunting at first, but gardening is an incredibly rewarding hobby to get into. Our Vegetable Gardening Guide for Beginners will help you to plan and grow your tastiest vegetables ever. Find out how much food you need to grow to feed a family, top 10 vegetables for a beginner, and more tips.

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Why garden, you ask? If you’ve never tasted garden-fresh vegetables (lots of people haven’t!), you will be amazed by the sweet, juicy flavors and vibrant textures. There’s absolutely nothing quite like fresh veggies, especially if you grow them yourself—which you can!

In this guide, we’ll highlight the basics of vegetable gardening and planning: how to pick the right site for your garden, how to create the right size garden, and how to select which vegetables to grow. 

Pick the Right Location 

Picking a good location for

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