What Is Brutalist Design? Here’s the Scoop on This Raw, Minimal Design Theme

michael jhon

Brutalist design shows up in the home in the form of exposed brick, poured concrete floors, sharp angles, and a color palette that skews neutral and gray.


The words “Brutalist design” may not conjure up examples of architecture as easily as, say, “midcentury modern” or “Spanish Mission.” But you’re probably familiar with more Brutalist works than you think.

In fact, iconic Brutalist structures are rather unforgettable, including the Met Breuer museum in New York City and Boston’s City Hall. These mammoth concrete buildings look almost scary, yet  they represent a raw plainness and honesty in design that has been popular for decades.

Elements of Brutalist design also show up in the home in the form of

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Here’s what the Texas bathroom bill means in plain English

michael jhon

SECTION 1. LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS; PURPOSE. The legislature finds that:

(1) in an effort to comply with the legislature’s duty under Section 1, Article VII, Texas Constitution, to provide for the general diffusion of knowledge and an efficient system of public schools, potentially harmful and distracting environments should be barred;

(2) the federal government’s mandate requiring Texas public schools to provide students access to restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms based on an individual student’s internal sense of gender is alarming and could potentially lead to boys and girls showering together and using the same restroom should such guidance be followed;

(3) children receiving an education in Texas public schools and open-enrollment charter schools are entitled to a safe and secure learning environment, including when using intimate facilities controlled by a school; and

(4) it is the public policy of this state that residents have a reasonable expectation of privacy when using

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