Clive Daniel Home provides interior design for local developers

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Ashton Woods at Fiddler’s Creek

Clive Daniel Home, the award-winning interior design firm and furnishings retailer, recently installed the furnishings for national builder Ashton Woods’ Pontevedra VI model home in the Marsh Cove neighborhood of Fiddler’s Creek in Naples, Florida. Recently sold, the single-story home, located at 3252 Tavolara Lane, included a furnishings package from Clive Daniel Home.

Allied ASID Designers Jean Losier and Christina Rosolia of Clive Daniel Home collaborated with the Ashton Woods design team to create interiors for the 3,232-square-foot home with a three-car garage. Offering privacy and a lake view, this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath home with a den is an estate home of unsurpassed splendor.

Adds Losier, “The Pontevedra VI model has an overall feel of the seaside coast with a touch of tropical flare.  

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Theory Design completes interior for Seagate’s Monterrey model in Talis Park

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Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi has completed the interior design for Seagate Development Group’s Monterey model in the Isola Bella neighborhood at Talis Park in North Naples.  Finishing touches on the home’s exterior are progressing as planned and the model is on schedule to be totally completed next month.  Isola Bella is 4.5-acre enclave of 17 single-family waterfront homes being developed by Seagate.  Seagate is offering a full golf membership worth $97,500 with new home purchases and newly constructed custom residences at Isola Bella for a limited time.  Ruta also created the interior for Seagate’s completed Sonoma model in Isola Bella that is open for viewing and purchase.  The neighborhood’s homesites can accommodate custom estate residences from 3,500 to more than 5,000 square feet.

a house with bushes in front of a building: Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi has completed the interior design for the Monterey model in the Isola Bella at Talis Park.

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Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi has completed the interior design for the Monterey model in the Isola Bella

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United In Design Brings Equity To Interior Design In The United Kingdom

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The interior design world was not built on elitism. Nomadic Mongolians of all social statuses in the 5th century BC employed decorative carpets in temporary abodes for comfort and style; ancient Egyptians spruced up their simple homes with skins and fanciful objects; and some early Asante residential architecture was built with walls decorated with animal designs. However, it was the elite class with means (traditionally royalty and religious leaders) who were able to outfit whole rooms or palatial complexes that brought about the necessity for the professional role of interior designer. Today, the interior design world has continued to be an elite profession, often available to the wealthy few through lineage, expensive education, and opportunities fed via nepotism or connections to the same wealthy clients that originated its need.

Along with systematic racism, the

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Theory Design creating interior design for Bal Harbour model at Hill Tide Estates

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Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi is creating the interior design for Seagate Development Group’s furnished Bal Harbour model now under construction at Hill Tide Estates, a 9.98-acre gated enclave on the southern tip of Boca Grande being developed by Seagate. The Bal Harbour is one of three models available for purchase at Hill Tide Estates.  Seagate’s completed Captiva model is open for viewing and also features an interior design by Ruta Menaghlazi.  Theory Design was named recipient of a 2019 Aurora Award for the Captiva’s interior in the Best Interior Design of a Home Priced over $2 million category.  Seagate was presented an Aurora Award for the Captiva in

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deKor – Responsive Interior Joomla Template by templaza

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TemPlaza forum
TemPlaza forum

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deKor is Responsive Interior Joomla Template with unique design build with Bootstrap 3 based on Plazart Framework. deKor suits with websites on decoration, architecture, interior and other purposes.

deKor is compatible with TZ Portfolio, Hikashop and Kunena Forum. So it’s easy to create a company site or a small shop for your business.

deKor - Responsive Interior Joomla Template - 1

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    Update Hikashop version 2.6.3.
    Update Plazart latest version 5.2.
    Update Module TZ Ourteam in the layout of "partner" and  add the link for images.
    Fixed error miss the navigation of image sliders in IE.
    Fixed errors relating to updating Hikashop 2.6.1: wish list, pagination.....

Version 1.6

    Update Joomla version 3.4.5.
    Update TZ Portfolio 3.3.2.
    Update Plazart latest version 4.6.
    Update Hikashop stater 2.6.0.
    Update Kunena Forum version 4.0.6.
    Fixed error link module TZ Our Team.
    Fixed error box text module search.
    Fixed error change favicon.
    Fix the problem of texts 
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Home Staging Montreal and Interior Redesign Montreal

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Vision Dekor specializes in home staging and interior redesign and provides affordable professional home staging and interior decorating services to Homeowners and Real Estate Agents throughout Montreal area.

At Vision Dekor we make what you envision for your home become a reality. We are dedicated to providing an excellent service and our goal is to help you create functional, esthetically pleasing and comfortable interiors. Our services can be helpful whether you are planning to redecorate, renovate or sell your property!

Home Staging

Vision Dekor provides home staging services to homeowners and real estate agents. We can help you sell your property at the best price in the shortest period of time, by giving the property a competitive edge in the real estate market. Our services vary from a simple staging consultation to the complete property staging.

Interior Redesign and Decorating

Vision Dekor provides interior redesign services. Interior redesign is

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Best Kutchina Kitchen Interior

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Today’s modular kitchen is meant to adapt your kitchen with all the avant-garde amenities. After compromising with space, a modular kitchen tends to accommodate a spacious area for assuming your household chores after any hassle. For accepting the latest designs in your kitchen, you can as well go for kutchina modular kitchen to adapt your kitchen as per your need.

Modular kitchen is not belted to the abstraction of bushing your kitchen with big-ticket stuff. It’s meant to add an ambrosial look, accouterment you with able accumulator and adverse amplitude so that you can advance every bend of the kitchen.

These are some of the best modular kitchen design ideas for your kitchen, which will not only organize your being and accomplish it ample but as well give an admirable attending as per the latest trend.

Built-in appliances: amplitude savers
The heavy kitchen accessories are apparent and accord an unartistic

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Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Bathroom Design Trends For 2020

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While the modern styles of the last decade evolved into a more contemporary look for homes overall, the pendulum is still swinging. Right now, design is at a bit of a crossroads. While clean, modern lines and the color white have been the dominating look for bathrooms in recent years, what’s old is becoming new again, with retro and vintage elements starting to emerge.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that bathroom design is a major commitment. Whether a space needs a gut renovation, soft refresh or could benefit from a weekend project, the question is how to design something that won’t feel dated in five, perhaps even ten years from now. I spoke with several top interior designers to get their take on bathroom design trends for 2020.

Sustainable Bathrooms

Sustainability has become a major priority in the design industry,

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