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7 Types of Home Projects to Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Quarantine means spending way more time at home—and for some people, that also means noticing everything you want to change about your space. But is now a good time to take on a major renovation project?

Probably not, experts say.

“If you’re not already in the middle of a renovation, I don’t think right now is the time to start a big project,” says Katie Kurtz, a real estate agent in Minneapolis and home design blogger at Adorned Homes. “You could get into the middle of it and realize you need help with it, and you’re probably not going to be able to find anyone to come in.”

In compliance with social distancing guidelines, many contractors are limiting the number of people on work sites, which means projects are taking longer than usual, Kurtz says.

But even DIY projects come with challenges during a pandemic.

“Most stores only allow

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4 Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On

Thinking of doing some home improvement projects and not sure whether you should splurge on the best, or opt for more economical options? Here are some projects you definitely shouldn’t cut corners on.

Improving your home can be very expensive, and many people end up having to take out loans for home improvement or use a credit card to cover the costs. Still, sometimes upgrades are necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of your home, to make it more livable for your family, or to get your house ready for sale. 

If you’re thinking of making fixes to your home, there are times when you don’t necessarily have to buy the very best. But, there are also certain projects you absolutely should not cut corners on. Here are four of them:

1. Electrical work

Electrical work is not something you should try to DIY, and it’s not something you

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DIY Home Improvement Projects To Try While You’re Stuck At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant all of us are spending more time at home. Even when social distancing restrictions lift, it’s clearly going to be a different summer than most of us were probably anticipating at the beginning of the year. So why not take this opportunity to improve your surroundings with some DIY projects? Even if you’ve never attempted a DIY home improvement project before, know it doesn’t need to take advanced skills or lots experience to make a major design impact. It’s also something the whole family can help with. Here are the best DIY projects for every level.

Swap Out Hardware

Anyone who can use a screwdriver can makeover a room simply by changing the pulls and knobs on drawers and cabinets. This is one of the few projects that requires zero skills. A true

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Men Demand End To Lockdown Before Wives Start Any More Home Improvement Projects

U.S.—The nation’s men have urged their state and local governments to end their respective lockdowns before their wives start any more massive home improvement projects they’ll inevitably have to help with.

Projections indicate that for every week the lockdown continues, your spouse will start an average of 17.5 new DIY home improvement projects, from painting a room or refinishing an old dresser to putting up shiplap or barn doors.

“This is a crisis. I’m basically living in an HGTV show now,” shouted Los Angeles man Edgar Willis as his wife, Heather, operated a circular saw. “She knocked down a wall yesterday. I’m not even sure she knew why. She just wanted to knock something over, I think.”

“Yeah, I’m coming!” he yelled to his wife as she asked for his help nailing in another row of shiplap on their bedroom wall.

A poll found that 97% of spouses have started

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6 Easy Home Improvement Projects with Big Benefits

When you’re a homeowner, there’s always something to do, fix or replace. Before you kick off your next home improvement project, think about ways you could use it as an opportunity to make your home safer or improve its energy efficiency. These six easy home improvement projects are the perfect place to start.

1. Plant Shade Trees

Good for: Energy efficiency

Landscaping is a great way to boost curb appeal. Trees and shrubs can also offer protection from weather and improve your home’s energy efficiency. For example, outdoor air conditioning units exposed to direct sunlight work harder and use more energy. Planting shade trees around them keeps units protected and in better working condition.

2. Install Weather-Resistant Roof Shingles

Good for: Cost savings

Because weather-resistant shingles can decrease or eliminate roof damage caused by extreme heat, high winds or excessive rain or snow, they may be eligible for a homeowners

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The 5 Best DIY Home Improvement Projects While You’re Sheltering in Place

Collect this ideaDIY home improvement projects while sheltering in place

Most of us will be social distancing throughout April and if you are too, then you’ve probably burned through most of your Netflix queue already. Doing a little home improvement can help you feel productive, improve the space you’re stuck in and kill some free time. We’ve outlined a few project ideas to get you started. 

1. Put some paint on it

Use up some old paint or buy a new color to paint something you’ve been meaning to. You can paint or stain your deck and fence in preparation for summer. Paint a wall or ceiling that needs a new look. Freshen up an older piece of furniture, like a dresser or bench. Major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s offer online delivery of swatches, samples and paint cans, along with all the supplies you may need. 

2. Create an accent or gallery wall

Redesign and

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Best home projects to do if you’re quarantined due to coronavirus

As the U.S. confronts the spread of the novel coronavirus, most of the country has now implemented stay-at-home orders. And while we grapple with how to pay rent, whether we’re headed into a recession, and how the virus is impacting the housing market, we’re also left with a more basic question: What should we do while we’re stuck at home?

There’s only so much comfort TV to binge-watch before restlessness kicks in, so for those of us that are able, this extended time indoors is an opportunity to tackle those long-avoided home projects. Of course, now is not the time to flock to the stores for nonessential items, so we’ve gathered a list of ways you can upgrade your space with things you probably already have at home.

From restyling your bookshelves to prepping your planters for spring, here are 21 easy projects you can do while social distancing at

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As families adhere to social distancing for home improvement projects, so do some businesses

The pandemic has brought more business than usual to Kushners Garden and Patio in Poland

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s the season for home improvement projects, which may be even more popular now that people are limited to where they can go. But, keep in mind that some businesses are changing the way they operate.

“Normally, people would be waiting a little bit for it to get a little nicer outside but everybody’s been chomping at the bit to get outside,” said Don Kushner, owner of Kushners Garden and Patio in Poland.

Kushners started spring season sales just under three weeks ago.

The owner says the pandemic has brought more business than usual, giving families something inexpensive to do.

“Landscaping, if you do it yourself, you’re not going crazy with

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Chip Wade Shares Indoor Home Improvement Projects for Spring on Tips on TV

ATLANTA, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Television host and professional contractor Chip Wade shares ways to spruce up the home for Spring with some affordable DIY projects that can be done around the home.


One project that will be sure to satisfy is remodeling a closet. Install a system from ClosetMaid called SpaceCreations which is known for its high-quality, intuitive design with range of accessories. The system can be configured with limitless options depending on your specific needs and the size of your space. One example is a two-frame design to accommodate a reach-in closet. It includes a hang rod, open shelving, and drawers. It is the ideal system for DIY-ers that value design and high-quality materials. For more information, visit ClosetMaid.com.


One do-it-yourself project, amazingly simple flooring. RevoTile

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The True Cost of 57 Common Home Improvement Projects

One of the great joys of owning your own home is improving upon it. Whether you’re painting, building a deck, remodeling your kitchen, or any host of projects – home improvement feels empowering. It’s your home, and you can make it into whatever you want it to be! But it can also be a little scary. Data about the cost of home improvement projects is not easily available. When you have to hire help, how will you know that you’re getting the best deal?

In this infographic, we’ll give you the highest highs, lowest lows, and national average costs of every home project you could think of. If you want more information, check out our True Cost Report too!

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True Cost of Home Remodels & Renovations

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True Cost of Home Remodels & Repairs

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