Bangor Public Library to reopen children’s room

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The Bangor Public Library has been closed since March. Wednesday it announced that the Leonard and Renee Minsky Children’s room located on the third floor will open its back door for 30-minute family appointments.

Bangor Public Library children’s room opening next week



This portion of the library will reopen on September 14 and families have to schedule an appointment.

Everyone over the age of two years old will need to wear a mask at all times in order to enter and browse for books.

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The Bangor Public Library will reopen the Leonard and Renee Minsky C… hildren’s Room to one household at a time beginning Monday, September 14th. Patrons must call ahead to make their 30 minute appointment. All patrons over the age of two years will be required to wear a mask in order to enter.

“It’s super

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FGI Seeks Public Comment on 2020 Update to Guidelines for Design and Construction

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FGI is accepting public comment on the 2020 guidelines through September 30.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the newsletter Briefings on Accreditation & Quality. Briefings on Accreditation & Quality is published through the HCPro Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center.

The Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) is asking for public comment through September on the 2020 update to the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction, which “provide minimum standards for design and construction of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health, care, and support facilities,” according to an FGI announcement.

Used by many state and local authorities having jurisdiction to “regulate design and construction of these facilities,” The Joint Commission (TJC) also cites the guidelines under Environment of Care standard EC.02.06.05.

The standard requires hospitals to manage risks to the environment of care during demolition, renovation and new construction and cites the guidelines as one of the acceptable references

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Most Beautiful Public Gardens in Los Angeles

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In addition to beautiful park spaces, Los Angeles is home to some amazing gardens. You can stroll traditional botanic gardens, California native plant gardens, and tranquil Japanese Gardens. Some gardens are in historic settings and one even is co-located with the popular Los Angeles Zoo.

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Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

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The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library feature 120 landscaped acres with thirteen themed gardens and a conservatory on the former San Marino Ranch just outside Pasadena. The gardens include rare and exotic plants from around the world as well as California natives.

You can easily spend all day in the gardens, but the extensive art collection and illustrated manuscripts, including a Gutenberg Bible, at the Huntington Library are also worth seeing. Garden walking tours are available.

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Descanso Gardens

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Descanso Gardens contains 150 acres of gardens, woodland, and

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The #1 Thing You Should Never do in a Public Bathroom

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I am always leery when I use public toilets. What is lurking on the seat, under the seat, and in the bowl? All those people in and out tracking bacteria all over the place make me cringe. This is even more so now with everything that is going on in the world. Read on to discover the number one thing you should never do in a public bathroom…especially right now!

One organization did a real-life study on the number of bacteria in a public bathroom. They swabbed the bathroom after a full days’ use, and to my surprise, they found that the toilet (although it had plenty of germs present) was not the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. Swabs from the sink revealed 50,000 bacteria on and around the sink. Gross right?

My fascination with public toilet bacteria was heightened even more when I came across an article on Fox

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