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2020 Kitchen Remodel Costs | Average Small Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

a kitchen remodel costs $75 to $350 per square foot.

Kitchen remodels cost $75 to $250 per square foot. The first step in determining your estimate is looking at the space. Before you get to the smaller questions, ask yourself the big questions:

  • What do you want from the space?
  • How do you want it to look and function?
  • Is the size and configuration right?

Also ask: What should you spend? The industry says spend 5% to 15% of the home’s value on this project. If your house is worth $300,000, you could spend $30,000 without negatively affecting its resale price.

Consider some of these alternative options if you want to save money:

Kitchen Renovation Budget Breakdown

Kitchen renovations cost $12,500 to $34,0000, with a typical spend of around $23,000. The rate divides into materials, installation, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the expenses break

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Small Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide



Cost Summary of Small Bathroom Remodeling

Typical Price Range = $1,000 to $15,000+
Average Cost = $8,000-$10,000
Best/Cheapest Price = $100-$400
Typical Hourly Rate = $50-$75 per hour

Small Bathroom CostWhen you are remodeling a small bathroom, you need to make sure that your costs are always in the forefront of your mind.

Keep in mind that although the average small bathroom remodel costs around $9,000, that your labor & materials costs will vary depending on location and quality of fixtures you choose.



One of the major influences over the small bathroom remodel cost you will have to bear is the type of layout you select. If the new layout will require you to do a lot of renovating, then your prices will go up significantly. Renovating includes taking down walls and putting up wall components like dividers.

Selecting a layout that is simple and works well

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Ed Racicot Art Sinks | Small Bathroom Sinks | Hand Painted Sinks | Old Fashioned Bathroom Sinks | Handmade Vessel Sinks | Tiny House Sinks | Custom Bathroom Sinks

At E.C. Racicot Art Sinks, we create beautiful, functional art for your bath. We create handmade stoneware pottery bowl sinks as well as drop in sinks (self rimming sinks) and under-mount basins. These one of a kind pottery art sinks are created using time-honored methods of craftsmanship: see our About Us section for a more in-depth description of our craft. 

Artist, E. C. Racicot’s sink styles range from Old World – Rustic, Craftsman style basins, to Italian influenced modern bowl sinks, with several styles to choose from. Depending on your need, these pottery sinks can range from very small sinks (perfect for the tiny house) to quite large and dramatic bowl sinks. We also make our custom made stoneware pottery sinks, right here in the USA. More specifically in Asheville, NC, the greater Western North Carolina area in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Click the screen shot below, or use the

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Kitchen Extensions London – Large & Small Kitchen Extension

Atomic Build specialises in kitchen extensions and other creative building projects. Our talented team understands every aspect of home design and construction, with our integrated and considered approach ensuring high quality outcomes. If your current kitchen is unable to meet your growing needs, we can expand your usable space and give your kitchen a new lease of life. 

Kitchen Design & Renovation

We offer a tailored approach to all aspects of kitchen design and construction, providing bespoke solutions that enable unprecedented quality and finesse.

There are many ways to extend your kitchen and upgrade your quality of life. Before we begin construction, our expert consultants will visit your home and provide you with valuable advice about every part of the process. Whether you want to add storage space, expand your floor area, or add new appliances, we will create a detailed development plan complete with visualisations and structural calculations. 


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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas For Decorating

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Photography by Mia Baxter Smail

On the long list of struggles of living with a small bathroom, finding ample and viable storage space would definitely be at the top. City-dwellers, you know all too well what we’re talking about. A step further from that, the decorative scheme of said small bathroom—just because you’re working within a constricted space, doesn’t mean that you should be compromising on the design. Luckily, we’re here to help with a whole slew of clever tips and tricks for decorating a bathroom, regardless of how small it actually is.

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

What happens when your bathroom and kitchen are located in the same room? A little creativity is surely in order. This clever NYC-dweller opted for a tub in lieu of a standing shower and created a mini platform to visually separate the two spaces.

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

We’re here with proof that

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HBO brings ‘Skate Kitchen’ to the small screen with new series ‘Betty’


HBO just dropped the first official trailer for Betty. Based on her groundbreaking 2018 film Skate Kitchen, Crystal Moselle enlists several of the film’s stars to carry on the story.

Jaden Smith starred in the film along with the real-life, all-girl skating crew that inspired the story.

Dede Lovelace, Rachelle Vinberg, Moonbear, Nina Moran, and Ajani Russell all return for the teen drama they inspired, playing fictionalized versions of themselves. The show follows this “diverse group of young women navigating their lives through the predominantly male-oriented world of skateboarding, set against the backdrop of New York City.”

Betty (Credit: HBO)

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Here’s the full description:

Opinionated and loyal, Janay (Lovelace) is strong-willed and stubborn in ways that both help and hurt her. Honeybear (Moonbear) is a quiet storm. Her flagrant style is a ruse; an armor she wears to hide

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Small Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas – Clever Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

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Kitchen bursting at the seams? If you’re going a little crazy trying to fit all your cooking accoutrements in your teeny-tiny kitchen, this is the post for you. Here are 20+ ideas for ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small kitchen.

10 Storage Tricks For Small Kitchens

1. Not enough cabinet space? Mount a pegboard and hang all your essentials. From Alison, Liz & Nicole’s Shared Space.

2. Get the most out of the cabinets you do have with stackable shelves (like these from Store)…

3. Or undershelf baskets.

4. Don’t neglect the space above your cabinets. You could stash extra stuff up there in baskets, as in the kitchen of blogger Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess…

6. If you have the space, you could mount an additional

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33 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

In a West Village powder room by designer Ashley Darryl, a towel bar is fastened to the side of the floating sink.

20. Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

Patterned towels, vintage rugs, and sophisticated lighting also add pops of personality. “Lighting and bath fixtures are like the jewelry of the room. Use them to bring a little glamour into the space,” says Los Angeles–based interior designer Sarah Samuel.

21. Rethink Your Sink

If you’re designing your tiny bathroom from scratch (or remodeling), consider a tiny corner sink. There’s no rule that says you have to have a full-size standard sink. A corner sink gets the job done just as well—plus it gives you plenty of space and less to clean.

22. Choose Compact Pieces

Hulking vanities and blocky tubs may look at home in a larger bathroom, but they can make a small bathroom feel claustrophobic. Install compact toilets and sinks

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25 Small Bathroom Storage & Design Ideas – Storage Solutions for Tiny Bathrooms

A bathroom doesn’t have to be big to have great style and function. To us, a small space means a fun challenge when it comes to storage and design, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite small bathrooms from our most recent house tours to give you inspiration to beautify your bathroom.

This Cape Town bathroom is a study in getting creative in a small footprint. A freestanding tub may be tight up against the vanity, but it seems to work. Also of note is the art, interesting lighting fixture and color palette (keeping the dark paint color to only part of the wall doesn’t overwhelm) that make the compact space feel design-forward.

2. Towel Rod Behind the Toilet

Hand towels are great here, given their small size, but if you’ve got the vertical space, don’t be afraid to hang bath towels above the toilet. Don’t be

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 shows increase in small birds

big garden birdwatch 2020
Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 shows increase in small birds

The results from the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 indicate an increased number of small birds in gardens across the country than in 2019 due to a milder winter.

The results of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 have just been released and show an increase in small birds to UK gardens. Little birds like long-tailed tits, wrens and coal tits were all recorded in larger numbers compared to in 2019.

The annual Birdwatch took place over the last weekend in January and marked the 41st year of the world’s largest garden wildlife survey. Almost half a million people across the UK spent an hour watching the birds in their garden and counted over 8 million birds in total.

The survey showed the house sparrow to be the most popular garden visitor, as in previous years. It also indicated an increase

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