3 Reasons Home Improvement Is The Fastest-Growing Retail Category, And What To Watch For

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Amid the shuttering of many brick-and-mortar stores and slow growth in retail spending overall, there is one bright star: home improvement stores. Emblematic of this is the continued strong growth in revenue at Home Depot and other stores in the home improvement sector. 

More to the point: Home improvement spending nationwide has been growing at almost double the rate of the rest of the retail sector. Let’s look at what tailwinds have been propelling home improvement, from do-it-yourself work to the hiring of pros to do elaborate remodels.

  • One enabling factor is the growth
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Five Home Improvement Trends To Watch In 2020

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Do you track the home improvement industry? If you do, but didn’t make it to the Home Improvement Research Institute’s HIRI Summit last month, you can still benefit from the top takeaways shared by thought leaders presenting there.

The nonprofit trade organization is made up of global building products manufacturers, large chain retailers and allied entities in the supply chain and media. Here are five of the top trends they discussed, along with insights on what they might mean for you.

1. Luxury projects are slowing

“Discretionary luxury remodeling is slowing, with the five product categories facing most severe headwinds: High end cabinets, cladding, flooring, roofing and dimensional lumber,” observed Todd Tomalak with  John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

This can provide opportunities for emerging quality value brands in the kitchen and bath remodeling spheres,

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Watch Out For Signs In The Kitchen

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In every household, the kitchen holds particular importance as it is the place where you prepare your meal. Any issue in this portion of the home can disrupt your life. There could be various issues that you can face in your kitchen like plumbing problems, damage cabinets, blockage in the sink, and the list goes on.

Having such issues in the kitchen can make it extremely difficult for you to fulfill your duties. Even the simplest of things seem like an impossible task to complete.

You can always look to avail professional services if you see any major flaw in your kitchen. But you should have sharp eyes to observe the signs that might indicate that your kitchen needs repair.

Here is a complete guide for your understanding of what are the key indicators to consider for repairing your kitchen immediately.


When you see low water pressure

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How to Watch: Games 3-5 of the Rivalry Series

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What: The final three games of the Rivalry Series between Team USA and Canada will get underway this week, from British Columbia and California.


  • Monday, Feb. 3, at 10:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. PT in Victoria, B.C.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8, at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT in Anaheim, Calif.

How to watch: All three games will be carried by NHL Network in the U.S. TSN will broadcast the games in Canada. The first two games will be on TSN1/3, and Saturday’s game will be on TSN3/5.

The Series So Far

Team USA won the first two games in December, by scores of 4-1 and 2-1. In the first game, Amanda Kessel and Alex Carpenter both picked up a goal and an assist, and Abby Roque scored her first senior international goal. Alex Cavallini made 32 of 33 saves;

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Five Home Improvement Trends To Watch In 2019

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Do you follow the home improvement industry? If so, the Home Improvement Research Institute thinks you should pay attention to these key trends in 2019. The nonprofit trade association is comprised of global building product manufacturers, national retail chains and allied organizations on the media and information side.

These five takeaways were among the key points industry experts shared at HIRI’s 2018 Industry Insights Conference last September in Oak Brook, Illinois (with context provided).

1. DIYers are more likely to be Millennials.

Nearly a quarter of the U.S. population made home improvements in the last year and only 7% of them worked with a professional. “DIYers spend more than 60 hours per week on TV and digital devices, including computers and smartphones,” Peter Katsingris, senior vice president of

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