The Bangor Public Library has been closed since March. Wednesday it announced that the Leonard and Renee Minsky Children’s room located on the third floor will open its back door for 30-minute family appointments.

Bangor Public Library children’s room opening next week



This portion of the library will reopen on September 14 and families have to schedule an appointment.

Everyone over the age of two years old will need to wear a mask at all times in order to enter and browse for books.

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The Bangor Public Library will reopen the Leonard and Renee Minsky C… hildren’s Room to one household at a time beginning Monday, September 14th. Patrons must call ahead to make their 30 minute appointment. All patrons over the age of two years will be required to wear a mask in order to enter.

“It’s super important for kids to start developing that relationship with the library early to recognize that having new books all the time..access to books they haven’t read before that aren’t just what they happen to have at home…having that access is super important for kids,” says Ben Treat, the director at the Bangor Public Library.

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Other features of the children’s room will not be available at this time, like toys, computers, and games, but the library does have a lot of new books for kids to check out and read something new these days.

Bangor Public Library staff members will be available to help families in finding the books they want.

“Because of COVID, we have had to suspend much of what we typically do, but we are still working to be what our mission calls on us to be,” said Treat.

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