You found your way to the Forest Grove Community Gardens. The gardens provide an open, fertile space where people can rent 250 sq. ft. plots at its Community Garden location to grow food, enjoy the outdoors, and commune with friends and neighbors to encourage a cooperative community spirit while lowering their grocery bills!

The 2020 season of the Community Garden will be underway soon!

As we get ready for the 2020 season I just wanted to remind everyone not to park near the substation gate or in front of the main garden gate. The vehicles going into the substation are often large and need lots of clearance. We sometimes have dump trucks or other large vehicles going in the main garden gate, so we need to keep that clear also.

We are instituting a new process for handling green waste. All green waste (weeds, spent plants, etc.) generated by a plot will need to be handled on the plot. We are generating more mass than can be handled centrally with the space we have. Gardeners will need to compost their weeds etc. on their own plot, or put them in the walking spaces between their plant rows (makes a great mud avoidance solution). Do not put the waste in the Garden paths, as this needs to be kept clear for walking, wheelbarrows and the like.

To find out more, visit the “About Us” page.

Call us at 503-847-8913 or email us at [email protected] if you are interested in renting for 2020. If you call please leave a message. Missed calls without messages will not be returned.


Check back periodically as we change our look,  and add new features. We’ll be gathering new information, images and community resources about how you can be involved at the Forest Grove Community Garden.  If there is something you’d like to see, we welcome your suggestions.

Don’t miss your chance to have a plot of this green earth to till and grow organic veggies for your table, by leasing a plot in the FG Community garden.

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