Ottawa plan could cover half your business rent

Contractors and home builders who rent commercial space could share in the new Canada Emergency Rent Assistance program, which will lower rent payments by 75 per cent for small businesses hit by COVID-19 for the next three months.

Lunchbox Challenge: free food to construction crews

Workers at Scott Construction’s building sites in the Lower Mainland of B.C., Calgary, Alberta, and Milton, Ontario,  will be enjoying free food from local restaurants as Scott’s Lunchbox Challenge campaign gains recruits across the country.

Big landlords help tenants
Some of the largest landlords in the country stepped up early to help their tenants be-cause of the economic impact of COVID-19.

Fixed-rate mortgages ease
Weeks after the Bank of Canada slashed its benchmark lending rate to 1.25 per cent, major banks have started to lower the cost of five-year fixed-term mortgages.

Home prices could remain stable: Royal LePage
The price of homes in Canada is expected to remain remarkably stable through the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a forecast by Royal LePage.

Alberta backtracks, bans rental evictions
The Alberta government has joined all other provinces and banned residential rental evictions, but the ban only applies to the month of April, though it may be extended.



Drones Top Roofing Tool

Flying eyes can improve safety and give birds-eye view for repairs.

Attack on Demand
Governments are gutting Canada’s housing market by stifling demand and stalling supply.

Market Report: Quebec Steps Up

La belle province has its housing groove back.

Renovator profile:
Design, build and keep the

Despite government disruptions home builders delivered 200,000 new homes and more than one million jobs in 2017.

TOOL TALK: Renovation
is Outpacing
New Construction

One characteristic of renovation is that contractors are more a jack of all
trades, using a wider variety of tools than new construction workers and
often dabbling in fields that are not their speciality.

Future-Proofing the Home Building Industry.

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