Welcome To The World’s First Garden City

Letchworth Garden City is the first garden city in the world, located at the edge of Hertfordshire in England. This interesting city will not let you go through a day without doing something exciting.

Letchworth Garden City Navigator will help you explore and experience the city’s fine culture. Navigate through a variety of content our site offers to know the ins and outs of our garden city.

The website allows you to see regular weather updates and news on recent events happening in the city. If you are tourist interested in visiting the city, you can browse through the site to see lodging and accommodation with recommendations that fit your needs and wants. Whether it’s a hotel to a simple cottage, using the website can find the right one for you. It can also help you decide on which tourist destinations will interest you.

Utilize the website for a great experience in the city. Enjoy your stay, and welcome to Letchworth Garden City!

Letchworth Garden City Blog

Gardening Tools

12 Essential Gardening Tools

When you have the right tools at hand, gardening will be faster, more efficient and just a lot easier. On https://bighomechores.com/best-benchtop-jointer/, there are some of the garden tools that are a must-have for every gardener. Wheelbarrow In most cases, a regular wheelbarrow is ideal, but do yourself a favor and get a tire that is durable enough to never go flat. Soil, manure, firewood and a lot more can be transported using this. You can also use it to bring your tools across the yard or soak roots to be planted. When you deal with heavy loads, two-wheel versions are the most durable. Digging Fork A …
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Clean Tile Floors

What You Need to Properly Clean Tile Floors

Have you ever experienced an accidental liquid spillage on your floor? Have you ever panicked about cleaning up your tiles? If both of your answers are NO, then Check out the post on floorcleaningtools. Cleaning floors is not an easy task, most especially if you’re trying to remove stains. There is a lot to consider such as the choice of cleaning agents and the right tools to use. Moreover, there are different types of tile floorings, and each requires a different manner of cleaning. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how you can specifically clean tile floors. Basically, …
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Put Landscaping Fabric

How to Put Landscaping Fabric

Landscape fabric is an essential material in making sure that the plants will grow well by controlling the growth of weeds. With landscape fabric over the gardening bed, weeds are deprived of sunlight, the very thing that helps their growth. This is also used to make qipao and fashion clothing. However, to get the best results, you have to properly place it over the gardening bed. So, here are some do’s and don’ts for you to follow: Materials: •             Shovel •             Tiller •             Garden Fork •             Compost •             Rake •             Landscape fabric •             Utility knife •             Sharp scissors •             Landscape …
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Garden Storage Solutions and Ideas

The Best Garden Storage Solutions and Ideas

Storage insufficiency is among the most common issues we face at home. More often than not, once we read review, we find out that we are running out of food storage, clothing storage, photo storage, and the likes of it. Gardening also experiences storage issues. As much as possible, we want to keep our gardens neat and properly arranged. We don’t want our garden tools to smear the beauty of our gardens. Fortunately, garden storages have been invented. This type of storage keeps your garden tools organized, while simultaneously adding beauty to your garden. Advantages of Garden Storage Garden storages …
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Tips to Get Better at Garden Photography

Tips to Get Better at Garden Photography

Your own garden can be home to some of the coolest subjects for your digital photos. However, just like other forms of photography, garden photography requires a certain degree of skill, patience, and enthusiasm to pull it off. If you’ve been capturing garden photos, and displaying them in digital frames (read more), for some time already but just can’t seem to improve your skills at all, then here are some useful tips you want to consider: Think of the Garden as a Whole To start, you have to think of your garden as a sum of all its parts: the …
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Gardening Tips for Pet-Owners

Basic Gardening Tips for Pet-Owners

A great case of stewardship is that of those who both share the love for nature and animals. You see, it’s not unusual to find people who take time to tend their gardens and care for their cat litter, but that is not an easy thing to do. One could compromise the other in many way, and although difficult, is not impossible to achieve in balance. With some resourcefulness and ingenuity, you’ll find yourself working with both your pets and plants with much ease. You might even find this challenge eventually therapeutic. So, if we got you interested in such …
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