National parks at home: An amazingly grand garden in a backyard | Lifestyle

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In response to my Homegrown National Park contest invitation this past summer, Mike Foster, who lives in Reading, PA, sent me some before-and-after photos of his property. I was intrigued by all of the stonework I saw in the photos, and any garden that contains a water feature is enough to catch my interest. (Foster’s landscape has two.) But I had no idea that I was in for such a jaw-dropping experience.

From the street, Foster’s house and property look like many others I’ve seen. Walk around to the back, though, and it’s like being transported to another world, because after only a few yards of level ground the land stands up. There’s the house, a narrow strip of flat land containing a patio and deck, and then, abruptly, a massive, nearly vertical hill. When I entered the space, I felt like I had stepped into a canyon.

Down the

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Friends of Blackstone show off new pollinator garden

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Dave Newton, left, John Marsland, center, and Vincent Mancini stand in front of the new turtle-shaped pollinator garden at Sycamore Landing, 100 New River Road in Lincoln, last Saturday afternoon. (Breeze photos by Melanie Thibeault)

More projects in the works at Sycamore Landing site

LINCOLN – A new pollinator garden at Sycamore Landing in Lincoln is nearly complete after volunteers spent three weeks in August constructing the turtle-shaped garden bed and planting native species, as part of a bigger project to create a calming space for the community.

Earlier this year The Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone received a Rhode Island Foundation Community Grant to create a peaceful community gathering spot that’s steps away from the Blackstone River, consisting of raised bed pollinator gardens, native shrubs and trees, and a comprehensive way to control invasive plants at its Environmental Center’s 12-acre property, located at 100 New River

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San Antonio natives have green light to open new burger and beer garden on East Side

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While the empty lot at 2014 WW White Road may not look like much now, two San Antonio natives are hoping to transform it into a new restaurant and outdoor space to bring food, fun and family together.

a city street filled with lots of traffic: While the empty lot at 2014 WW White Road may not look like much now, two San Antonio natives have a vision to transform it into a new restaurant and outdoor space to bring food, fun and family together.

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While the empty lot at 2014 WW White Road may not look like much now, two San Antonio natives have a vision to transform it into a new restaurant and outdoor space to bring food, fun and family together.

Owners J.R. Vega and Kevin Koenen hope to open their new restaurant Buckets Burger and Beer Garden next month. The open-space restaurant will include cornhole, volleyball and a playground for the kids — a place where people can hang out, have dinner and feel safe during the pandemic.

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“It’s going to be the whole works,” Vega said. “We

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Heights Rental in Willowtown Greek Revival With Exposed Brick, Garden Asks $3,250 a Month

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This one-bedroom rental is tucked into the heart of Willowtown, a little enclave on the southern edge of Brooklyn Heights. The first-floor unit at 42 Willow Place is one of just three in the 19th century row house and offers a shared garden, laundry in the building and bike storage.

The Greek Revival-style brick row house dates to the late 1840s and the picturesque street is filled with buildings of a similar vintage. The street is within the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, and the area has its own community group — the Willowtown Association was formed in 1953.

It’s a floor-through unit with a living room facing the street, bedroom at the rear and kitchen in the middle. A wall was taken down between what would have been two separate rooms to create an open living and dining room with wide-plank floorboards. One long wall is exposed brick, painted white,

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Botanical garden buys WeatherBerry | News

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Western Kentucky Botanical Garden officials have purchased WeatherBerry at 2731 W. Second St.

The 3,848-square-foot Italianate-style farmhouse was built in 1840 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The sale, which was finalized Wednesday afternoon, included nearly 4 acres that abut the botanical garden. More importantly, though, the house provides Second Street access and visibility — something WKBG officials have craved for years.

With WeatherBerry’s purchase, WKBG now owns a total of more than 17 acres.

Shana and Ed Champion sold WeatherBerry to WKBG for $475,000, said Laurna Strehl, executive director.

The Champions are pleased WeatherBerry now belongs to the botanical garden and will be open to the community, Ed Champion said.

“It goes with the garden,” he said. “We know they will take care of it. … I can’t wait to see what they do with it.”

Several years ago, WKBG officials formed a long-range planning committee

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Save seeds now for next spring’s garden

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I have to hide them, the rapidly filling bowls. Stash them downstairs. My wife thinks multiple dishes of drying seed are impossibly untidy, though to be fair she isn’t that sure about bookshelves.

But it is the best gardening thing, honestly, to grow from seed you’ve saved yourself: more intimate, more magical, with more of a relationship.

We were lucky. At the start of our allotment journey, we met some seed obsessives, travelling and swapping varieties from off the beaten track. We learned early on the magic of growing more unusual seed.

Currently covering our downstairs shelves: assorted dishes of tear peas in pods, coriander, tagetes, nasturtiums, calendula and sunflowers. So far so predictable. Also honesty from a bloom I’d noticed on the walk to the plot and last week saw had seeded. Assorted beans will be next (including ‘Bacau’), orache and amaranth – though they liberally self-seed everywhere –

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RSF Garden Club reopens Resale Shop with new name, expanded men’s section and new pricing model

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Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has reopened its resale shop, Bloom Again, adding more than 500 square feet of retail space, making room for more donations, including men’s clothing and furniture, according to a news release.

“We took the time away to look at the shop with fresh eyes on how to better serve the community,” said RSF Garden Club Director and Store Manager Thora Guthrie, adding, “In the few weeks we have been open, the response from our regular shoppers and from those that just discovered us has been phenomenally positive.”


A new pricing structure is incredibly approachable: Any item without a tag is $5 and a new $1 rack is packed with gems. For the guys, a distinctive department is dedicated to menswear and sporting goods like elite golf clubs and golf balls (6 for $1). Expect business attire alongside athletic wear featuring some of top brands such

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Dirty Fingernails: Garden scissors and string trimmer best tools for weed control | Local News

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When you look at that list, you will be able to see what applies to your garden corner. Change the nutrition, compaction, drainage, or shade, and your garden plants soon will outgrow the moss.

Meanwhile, you need not worry about getting rid of moss. It does not harm other plants, does not even compete with them. Moss simply sits there on the soil surface, filling in a blank.

Q: How thorough a job should I be doing at pulling the roots of weeds?

A: I would not bother with weed roots at all. Save time and energy by cutting the weeds at ground level. Leave the roots to decay in the ground; they will add organic matter to the soil.

The last weed will never disappear from garden or lawn. Weeds are the adventurers, the pioneers, the buccaneers of the plant world. The gardener’s job is to hold weeds to

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Historic charm, modern comfort make for golden combo on Prince Edward Street for $1,385,000 | Home & Garden

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“For downtown living, to have sunny and shady spots, plenty of room for recreation and some nice sitting areas … that is pretty unique,” she said. “Plus, I’ve planted hundreds of bulbs through the years, so you’ll have something blooming all four seasons. It’s very pretty.”

Perhaps the Castles’ favorite upgrade has been the home’s attic. They have morphed the third-floor space into a contemporary, bright and insulated haven, perfect for kids’ slumber parties or, on the flip side, a quiet area for guests.

Also upstairs are the home’s four bedrooms, three of which have their own bathrooms.

Whereas the attic certainly emits modern vibes, the bulk of the home retains its historic allure. Among the features you’ll notice throughout are its original blown-glass windows, towering arches, original hardware on doors, real plaster walls, resurfaced hardwood floors and pocket doors.

Upon arrival to its front patio, you’ll notice the ornate

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All the right angles in garden room that opens up a new view

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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the idea of rooms has become more important that one big open-plan living space. One Swords couple, both keen horticulturists, wanted more space but something that wasn’t the typical big-box extension tacked onto the back wall of the house.

Shane Cotter of Architectural Farm came up with a garden room idea, that is part-orangery, part-potting shed and that immerses them in the outdoors, where they can enjoy their outside space 365 days a year, whatever the weather.

Its is unusual in that it has a zig-zag shape that was designed to frame views of the greenery, which included two trees that were to fill those frames, he explains. It was also distracted from an existing, funny-shaped internal wall, the result of an earlier garage conversion.

The owners felt a large extension, across the back of the house, would plunge their dining room into darkness. The

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