8 beige room ideas that prove it’s beautiful, not boring

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Beige room ideas might not seem like the most exciting of schemes but, take it from us, they’re worth a look. Beige is a comforting, inviting colour to use in your home – whether it’s on the wall or in furnishings and accessories – and it’s super easy to add accent colours to, both neutral, natural ones and bright bolds.

Now, beige is having a moment. Dulux announced this week that this year’s Colour of the Year 2021 is Brave Ground – colour they say is grounding and one that will provide a firm foundation for change and creativity in our homes. And yes, of course, its choice is inspired by the pandemic and our need for comfort at home. 

We love it… and so we’ve put together a gallery of room ideas so that you can see how easy it is to use

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Kitchen Design Ideas – Which?

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Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to transform your existing kitchen or create a new kitchen that’s stylish and practical.

Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing to decide is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start from scratch.

Look at what you already have, and think about what you like and don’t like about it. It can help to draw up a list of what you want to keep, move or remove completely. 

If your kitchen layout already works well, you’ll save money by keeping things in the same place, particularly your sink and appliances.

In this article:

If you’re planning to move house soon, totally transforming your kitchen might not be worth it. Many buyers want to put their own stamp on a place, but they won’t want to replace a new kitchen. Refreshing it with cheaper updates might be the best

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Modern Ideas for a Kitchen Nook Area | Home Guides

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A kitchen nook often includes seating.

A kitchen nook is a small space in or near a kitchen separated from the appliances, cupboards, pantry and countertops. Many use kitchen nooks to create small, intimate breakfast areas or small lounge areas. Most kitchen nooks are designed to replace kitchen eating areas, but some are used in conjunction with larger kitchen dining spaces. There are many ways to create a kitchen nook so it provides a warm and friendly meeting spot.

Intimate Dining Area

Create a small, chummy eating area suitable for two to four people. Opt for a small glass or wooden round table because it’s more intimate than square or rectangular styles. Select individual, padded chairs so you and your family can comfortably scoot back from the table to read the newspaper, use electronic tablets or work on handheld crafts. Modern nook styles are often minimalistic, so choose simple wall art, nominal window treatments and basic

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Ideas for a Bathroom Addition | Home Guides

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When homeowners set out to do renovations, updating an old bathroom or adding a new one is usually on the list. Bathroom additions can add to the value of a home and provide growing families with more space. The National Association of Home Builders states that adding a bathroom to a single-family detached home has a strong impact on the home’s overall value.

Pick an Ideal Location

Your new bathroom will need water and plumbing, so it’s important to consider access to utilities when you plan for your bathroom addition, as it will have an impact on where you can successfully build. The least expensive choice is to place your new bathroom where there is already a water line, or in a spot easily accessible to your current plumbing system.

Plan Your Space Wisely

Take a look at the location where you want to include your bathroom addition and make

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Paint Ideas That Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

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If you’ve got cramped or dark spaces, chances are you’re looking to make them feel brighter and airier. What’s more, the solution can vary from room to room. We spoke with the experts to learn customized tips and tricks for figuring out how to make your small bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms look and feel bigger with color.

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Paint Ideas for Small Bedrooms

A small bedroom can feel stifling and claustrophobic, but with the right paint colors it can become a cozy sanctuary. Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training and author of The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition, says she once got great advice from a designer who worked on New York City apartments: Paint the ceiling like the sky.

“If you emulate the sky, you can keep your walls darker,” she says. “In a bedroom, you may

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Obscure Glass Ideas for Modern Bathrooms | Home Guides

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Obscure glass ideas, typically in the form of rolled or etched designs, go well beyond the privacy windows of yesteryear. In modern bathrooms, various glass elements throughout bounce light and can offer low to high translucency levels. Translucent surfaces and surroundings make a space seem less confined or more spacious than opaque or solid ones, producing shadows or silhouettes for a what’s-on-the-other-side effect.

Bold Bathroom Door

For a main bathroom, users may consider an obscure-glass door inappropriate or a bit unnerving, but for a master ensuite, it can be an alluring feature. Rather than the typical hinged door, go with a more modern sliding-door system on overhead tracks or rails. Unlike the pocket door, which disappears inside the wall, a track on the bedroom side of the space keeps a good-looking door visible from this side whether it’s open or closed. Plain or vaguely patterned obscure glass is fine for

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Design ideas from an outdoor room with cover from the elements

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As soon as Robin Anderson laid eyes on her client’s sunroom, her mind flashed to an image of a squared-off patio structure she had seen in a Southern magazine. Convinced her clients’ Weston home didn’t need another sitting room, Anderson collaborated with architect Diane Lim to make her vision come to life. “The sunroom didn’t fit in stylistically, and I knew the uninsulated windows would be problematic,” the Cambridge-based designer says. Removing the windows and opening the space up gave the homeowners a peaceful, shady spot where they can relax, as well as the added bonus of a brighter entryway. “Sunlight streams through the French doors that open to the patio, right into the interior of the house,” Anderson says.

1 Woven chairs from Crate & Barrel are sizable but still feel airy, thanks to the open sides. “I’m always on the hunt for affordable outdoor furnishings since they need

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25 Stylish Blue And Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

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stylish blue and gold bathroom decor ideas cover

Blue and gold is a very stylish color scheme that can inspire your next home renovation for sure, wherever you decide to apply it. Will it fit a bathroom or a powder room? Yes, sure! If you are interested in ways to do that, here they are!

Colors And Styles

Blue and gold is pure elegance, whatever shade of blue you choose: light blue, navy, bold blue, electric blue, powder blue and others, and gold will finish off the look with a refined feel. Such a color scheme can be refreshed with neutrals, with creamy and white, or made calmer with greys and tan if you want that, and brass can substitute that shiny gold if you want a more vintage feel.

As for styles, blue and gold can fit literally any style: farmhouse, vintage, contemporary, art deco, minimalist, modern and many others, you can mix up several styles for

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65 Basement Bathroom Ideas 2020 (That You Will Love)

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More often than not, the basement is seen as unused space. There are many who use it as storage. Yet, a basement can offer much, much more than that. It can be a nice, comfortable and interesting bathroom, for instance. To create a nice, comfortable and interesting bathroom you will need some basement bathroom ideas.

Creating a basement bathroom can be challenging. That is true. However, if done properly, a basement bathroom can be as good as a regular bathroom. In some cases, it can even be better. If you still don’t know what to do about your future basement bathroom, use our basement bathroom ideas to get an insight.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

Powder Room

65 Basement Bathroom Ideas 2019 (That You Will Love) 1

There are many ways to use a basement. In case your basement is meant to be a space for entertainment purposes, you can choose to create a powder room rather than a full bathroom. Despite

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60+ Bedroom Decoration Ideas & Photos

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At the end of the long day, all you want is to land in a cozy, comfortable space of your own. Your bedroom decor should reflect rejuvenation, comfort, and care. How can you design a space that both reflects your personal style and creates a cocoon of coziness?

Whether you’re looking for small bedroom decor for your apartment or overhauling a larger master bedroom, these decoration tips, color combinations, and layout options can transform the whole way you look at bedtime. We’ll also explore how to choose an accent wall, work with wall decor, or utilize the natural light in your bedroom for the ultimate haven in your home.

1. Photo Wall

Bed with floating shelf above.

The bedroom is an excellent space to showcase the people in your life that inspire love and comfort. Create a photo display with matching or complementary frames in a cluster across an accent wall. Choose a wall that

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