Here Are The Kardashian-Approved Appliances You’re Missing In Your Kitchen

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Whether you’re a home cook or not, picking out the proper appliances can be a challenge. Not only is there so much to choose from, it can be difficult figuring out what to even buy. This is why, many turn to online reviews, top influencers, and of course, the Kardashians for help.

Last Christmas, Kris Jenner gave Kim, Khloé, and other Jenner-Kardashian family members a set of SMEG appliances from the Italian brand’s luxurious collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and the world took notice. The designer collection included a Sicily inspired juicer, electric kettle, and so much more. Holiday hype aside, the high-quality housewares continue

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Kitchen Design Ideas – Which?

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Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to transform your existing kitchen or create a new kitchen that’s stylish and practical.

Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing to decide is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start from scratch.

Look at what you already have, and think about what you like and don’t like about it. It can help to draw up a list of what you want to keep, move or remove completely. 

If your kitchen layout already works well, you’ll save money by keeping things in the same place, particularly your sink and appliances.

In this article:

If you’re planning to move house soon, totally transforming your kitchen might not be worth it. Many buyers want to put their own stamp on a place, but they won’t want to replace a new kitchen. Refreshing it with cheaper updates might be the best

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Modern Ideas for a Kitchen Nook Area | Home Guides

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A kitchen nook often includes seating.

A kitchen nook is a small space in or near a kitchen separated from the appliances, cupboards, pantry and countertops. Many use kitchen nooks to create small, intimate breakfast areas or small lounge areas. Most kitchen nooks are designed to replace kitchen eating areas, but some are used in conjunction with larger kitchen dining spaces. There are many ways to create a kitchen nook so it provides a warm and friendly meeting spot.

Intimate Dining Area

Create a small, chummy eating area suitable for two to four people. Opt for a small glass or wooden round table because it’s more intimate than square or rectangular styles. Select individual, padded chairs so you and your family can comfortably scoot back from the table to read the newspaper, use electronic tablets or work on handheld crafts. Modern nook styles are often minimalistic, so choose simple wall art, nominal window treatments and basic

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Clinton Hill Neo-Federal Townhouse With Renovated Kitchen, Porch Asks $2.399 Million

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This Clinton Hill neo-Federal bundles a practical early 20th century floor plan, original details, room for a home office and outdoor space all in a rather narrow package. At 445 Washington Avenue, it’s within the Clinton Hill Historic District.

It’s one of a row of four houses that are a bit more modern than some of the neighbors, having been built in 1922 on the site of a former 19th century wood frame manse. While initial plans called for replacing the house with a six-story apartment house, locals objected, according to a 1922 Brooklyn Daily Eagle article. It included a preliminary sketch of the “modern dwellings of Colonial design” that a new owner was planning to construct instead of the objectionable multi-family dwelling. The row of single-family homes ultimately built to the designs of architects Slee & Bryson are a bit more modest than the original sketch, but still include

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How To Turn Your Kitchen Table Into A Home Office This Summer

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You are likely working from home indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, your company meetings are virtual and you might not have the most functional or ideal desk setup. Weeks turned into months, and it’s about time you had some inspo on how to turn your kitchen table into a home office.

You’re realizing that your work from home situation might be further extended or even here to stay. Unfortunately, you won’t be going on daily coffee runs with your work bestie anytime soon. Instead, you’ll be posting up with your laptop every morning with a latte you made at home, your adorable pup who’s still incredibly excited that you’re not leaving for work, and whatever else is laying around the kitchen. Your workspace might have crumbs from last night’s dinner and be steps away from your little bedroom.

It’s not exactly the work environment you’re used to. But

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The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, Starting at $18

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I will admit that at this point of the summer in New York City, I am yearning for a country escape. I envy every small town and hamlet dweller who counts more birds as neighbors than people, whose gardens are big and wild, whose local bodies of water are more swimmable than the Hudson river. 

Maybe there will be a weekend escape in my future, but in truth, I won’t be leaving  asphalt-ridden New York for much longer than for a a couple of days any time soon.  So I find my little bit of country in the ways I can—and in the kitchen, that means a strict refusal of all things sleek and modern. I love a country kitchen: mismatched stoneware, wicker baskets, slabs of pine underfoot, and well-worn white linens. Of course, country kitchens can be as varied as those I’ve seen in New York City. To me,

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Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath designs a modern and spa-like bathroom for a historic Clayton residence

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“When you’re working on a historic remodel, you don’t want it to look out of place in the home,” says Janelle Helms, a designer with Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath. 

In 2018, Helms and Karr Bick’s owner, Jenny Rausch, redesigned four bathrooms, including this master bath, and added a fifth to a historic Clayton home. The room’s long, narrow footprint guided the designers’ decision-making, inspiring them to get creative as they introduced modern amenities while delivering a timeless, spa-like aesthetic. 

At the homeowners’ request, Karr Bick added a wet area at the far end of the room, with a full-size soaking tub and dual showerheads. Large gray porcelain tiles line the walls, and white quartz was selected for the tub’s waterfall edge. To keep the look consistent, the team chose gray porcelain tile for the floor and had it set in a herringbone pattern. Helms says this arrangement, with more

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Plumber: Big kitchen remodel comes up short – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal

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Q: Hi Ed: We recently had a full kitchen remodel job and I’m upset I did not think to install a pot filler over the stove. I want to resolve this, but refuse to open up the new tile wall behind the stove. Any less invasive ways to install a pot filler?

— Rose, Maine

A: Your remodeled kitchen is now an existing kitchen, and a lot of pot fillers are added to existing kitchens. So a pot filler should be able to be installed without major alterations to work recently completed.

You’re correct that many pot fillers are wall-mounted on the back wall near the stove. However, they do make deck-mounted pot fillers that mount directly to the countertop next to the stovetop. With a deck-mounted pot filler you shouldn’t have to touch the new tile back wall. You’ll need a hole drilled to mount the pot filler on

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Designer’s ‘modern coastal’ Elkhorn home includes a $500 dream kitchen | Inspired Living

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Stacy Worlie paints everything.

Her kitchen counters, cupboards and floors. Closets and molding. Even paintings that hang in her Elkhorn home.

“To me, painting is the cheapest way to transition your space,” she says.

Some people are scared to tackle a room or a piece of furniture, she says. But Worlie always reminds them that paint is not permanent.

She has learned through trial and error. And there have been a few errors.

“Our last house I painted the basement blue,” she says. “The carpet and walls were both a blue and it (the space) looked like a blueberry. That was a big financial mistake.”

She estimates that she has painted 99% of the surfaces in her four-bedroom, two-story home, giving it a modern coastal feel.


Stacy loves the cool day bed in daughter Maelyn’s room. “I wanted to make her room something she could transition into,” Stacy says.

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Noelle Robinson Shows Kitchen in Los Angeles Apartment: Photo

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After moving into her own apartment in downtown Los Angeles earlier this summer, Noelle Robinson is sharing a peek into her brand new luxury digs. After previously showing off the stunning views from the home, The Real Housewives of Atlanta daughter recently offered another glimpse inside her new pad — and specifically, her gorgeous, modern kitchen.

Noelle took to her Instagram Stories to share a closer look at the sleekly decorated dining area and kitchen. As captured in the snapshot below, the open, light-filled room features pale wooden floors and plenty of all-white cabinetry, which is accented by stainless steel appliances.

Noelle added to the clean, minimalist vibes by adorning the airy space with a clear glass dining table and a lucite chair.

This isn’t the only glimpse that Noelle has shared into her sparkling new kitchen. Back in June, she also offered another look at the room, posing next

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