What Americans are buying online while in quarantine

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A FedEx worker unloads packages from his delivery truck on March 31, 2020 in Washington, DC.

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Following a rush for groceries and cleaning supplies, more Americans are looking to crack open a book.

As people remain sheltered in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak, online shopping has surged as a replacement for an old-fashioned trip to the store. In addition to the overall boom in e-commerce spending, sales data reveals that following an initial stockpiling of goods, many online shoppers have shifted their focus to entertainment products such as books and games as they adjust to the new normal of life in quarantine.

E-commerce spending in the U.S. is up more than 30% from the beginning of March through mid-April compared with the same period last year, according to market research firm Rakuten Intelligence. That is significantly more growth — about 50% more —

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Home Improvement Store Near You – Buy Online

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The Best Home Improvement Buying Guide

If you’re looking to renovate your house, you probably think you should visit a home improvement store, which means you’ll be left with a hefty price tag. At Sam’s Club, you can find everything you need for home improvements at members-only prices.

We offer everything you need to upgrade your home from smaller kitchen fixtures to large appliances. Your membership will get you the prices you need to make your home improvement dreams come true!

How Do I Update My House?

There are a ton of ways to remodel your house, from throwing on some fresh paint to putting in new floors to finally organizing your closet. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person or need some professional help, Sam’s Club has everything you need to update your house to suit your needs at an affordable price. We’re proof that home remodeling doesn’t have

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Installment Loans Online No Credit Check -Kitchenbacksplashtileandmosaics.Com –

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Learn how to calculate the best cost-benefit ratio before deciding how often you will install your loan Let’s suppose that, in an advertisement, a television is offered for 18 times out of 120 dollars. Is this cheap or expensive for […]

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Installment loan – credit available in Belgium

You are in Belgium. You have a contingency that forces you to borrow money as soon as possible, or you simply need funds to carry out any project, but you do not really know how to detail the expenses to […]

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Interest on Loan even lower in 2020

  For years, interest rates on consumer loans such as personal loans and revolving loans have been falling. Interest rates fell remarkably much in 2019, to a minimum interest rate of 3.9%. The reason for the continuing fall in credit […]

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Free payday loan – special offer for new customers

    Free payday loan. Loan without costs. You pay back as much as you borrow. Such slogans can often be heard in Funding

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Joys of (virtual) Spring: Cambridge University streams online garden tours

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(This April 6 story corrects surname of horticulture head to Pettit in fourth and seventh paragraphs)

LONDON (Reuters) – Spring is normally a busy season for Cambridge University Botanic Garden but as Britain enters its third week of enforced lockdown, visitors are absent – the lilacs and daffodils flowering for no one.

But the gardeners have found a way to ensure their 8,000-plus species do not go unappreciated, by starting free virtual tours that allow people to download the delights of Spring.

Their weekly “wellness wanders” are short videos which take the viewer around the 174-year-old garden.

In last week’s video, head of horticulture Sally Pettit, showed off springtime plants such as Narcissus “Jack Snipe” daffodils and Syringa “Buffon”, a type of lilac now beginning to flower.

Birdsong can be heard overhead as she walks around, describing light levels and the smell of different plants in the scented garden.


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Home Improvement Questions? Ask Home Improvement Experts Online

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Solutions for all your home improvement problems

The definition of home improvement covers a broad range. Home improvement, for obvious reasons, can be primarily focused on projects that alter or repair conditions in a house. However, this category also includes landscaping services as well as work done on garages, gardens and outdoor structures.

Maintenance, general upkeep and repairs fall into this category as well. Issues related to plumbing, ventilation, rooftops and ceilings can all be addressed by home improvement professionals. Sometimes, all that’s needed is guidance for an upcoming purchasing decision – knowledgeable insights at times like this can save you a lot of headache and extra expense down the line.

If you need advice from home improvement contractors or professionals, being able to get the information quickly can be advantageous. But getting someone to come out and take a look at your project can be both time-consuming and inconvenient.

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Dekorfliesen online kaufen bei OBI

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Attraktive Dekorfliesen in großer Auswahl bei OBI

Fliesen bieten im Allgemeinen diverse Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für Böden und Wände. Sie können je nach Produkt im Innen- sowie im Außenbereich verwendet werden und eignen sich auch wunderbar, um Räume optisch aufzuwerten. Letzteres gilt natürlich im besonderen Maße für Dekorfliesen, bei denen eine gehobenere Ästethik Programm ist. Es ist vornehmlich die ansprechend auffallende Optik, die sie von herkömmlichen Wand- und Bodenfliesen unterscheidet, was sich natürlich insbesondere bei hochwertigen Materialien auch unter Umständen in einem entsprechenden Preis bemerkbar machen kann. Im großen Sortiment bei OBI bieten wir Ihnen eine erlesene Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Dekorfliesen in bester Materialqualität und im fairen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Hier stehen Ihnen zahlreiche Farben, Formen, Abmessungen, Materialien und unterschiedliche Oberflächen zur Verfügung. Zudem finden Sie auch verschiedene Muster oder Bilder, mit denen die jeweiligen Fliesen versehen sind. Kaufen können Sie Dekorfliesen sowohl in Ihrem örtlichen OBI Markt als auch hier auf OBI.de. Viele

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Bathroom Products @ Build.com: Your Online Experts

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Bathroom Fixtures Delivering Incredible Style

Creating a spa-like bathroom retreat is all about selecting fixtures that provide the ideal combination of fashion and function. The first step in any bathroom design is to determine an overall style and layout for the bathroom. With that selected, showers, bathtubs, vanities, and all the fixtures can be added to accomplish the look.

Bathroom Essentials

Whether it is a small powder room or a grand master bathroom, there are a few essential items that every bathroom requires. These large foundation pieces establish the layout of the bathroom and provide the greatest contribution to the overall look of the space.


A shower is one of the most-used elements in the bathroom. Showers are available in a wide array of sizes and arrangements, from economical shower inserts to custom tile-ready bases and shower walk-in enclosures. Showers and bathtubs can be combined to save on space

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