Upgrade your bath, kitchen and lighting: Wayfair is offering up to 65% off in renovation sale

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With so much time stuck at home the past few months, it’s likely you’ve noticed things that need a little fixing up – or to be replaced altogether. Luckily, Wayfair is having a renovation sale through the end of September, so you can save on all of the things you’ll need to get the job started.

Wayfair Home Renovation Sale

Wayfair is having a home renovation sale through September.

Find anything from knobs and handles, floors and backsplashes, and even the kitchen sink. You can also save big on appliances with some as low as $199.

Euro 5″ Center Bar Pull Multipack (Set of 10)

Price: $37.99 (reg. $97.99)

Upgrade the look of your kitchen (or bathroom) cabinetry with these bar pulls which come in stainless steel, black, bronze or gold.

Premium 4″ x 12″ Glass Subway Tile

Price: $4.99 sq./ft. (reg. $6.90 sq/ft)

Subway tiles have been a popular look for some time

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Grand Designs: Home that caused five heart bypasses on sale

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An amazing modernist Grand Designs curved glass home that gave its creator five heart bypasses has went up for sale for £3.4million.

The spectacular glass villa, known as ‘The Curve’, is nestled north of Brighton and boasts breathtaking views across the East Sussex countryside thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows throughout its five bedrooms. 

The Curve is a rare find on the UK property market, costing owner Barry Surtees £1.8million to build back in 2007, but he put it up for sale three years later to try and recoup some of the costs. 

The spectacular glass villa, known as 'The Curve', is nestled north of Brighton and boasts breathtaking views across the East Sussex countryside, costing owner Barry Surtees £1.8million to build back in 2007. He wanted the grand mansion to 'follow the natural contours of the surroundings'

The spectacular glass villa, known as ‘The Curve’, is nestled north of Brighton and boasts breathtaking views across the East Sussex countryside, costing owner Barry Surtees £1.8million to build back in 2007. He wanted the grand mansion to ‘follow the natural contours of the surroundings’

One of the mansion's five bedrooms which features floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading out to a private terrace. Mr Surtees said he was 'keen to make the rooms very large, light, airy' when he was designing the property

One of the mansion’s five bedrooms which features floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading out to

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Designers’ Hayden Island manufactured home, for sale at $125,000, has ‘$1 million view’

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Before they were married, Hingyi and Julia Khong thought about settling down in a tiny house. Instead, the two, both designers and makers, expanded their dream and bought an old manufactured home desperately in need of do-it-yourself improvements.

By the time the Khongs held their wedding ceremony at their home on Hayden Island, they had replaced the vinyl flooring and shag carpet with white-washed oak they finished themselves.

They laid tile in the kitchen and master bathroom, and removed an ill-fitting add-on that blocked the sight of ospreys, blue herons and bald eagles flying by.

The couple said “I do” inside a glass-enclosed porch with a movable wall that reveals an unobstructed view of the Columbia River and downtown Vancouver, Washington.

“We wanted the house to feel like you’re floating on a cloud,” says Julia Khong.

Six years and career changes later, they have now listed their “magnificent” mobile home,

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Bathroom Support Rails | Grab Bars | Shower Grab Bars – ON SALE

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The vast majority of home accidents occur in the bathroom. With over 70% of accidents taking place in 
this often slippery and wet environment, bathroom safety should be of utmost importance to everyone. 
Some modifications to this room might be in order for aging individuals, or for those who are disabled due 
to injury or illness. One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to accomplish this is through the use of 
strategically placed bathroom support rails. Utilizing support rails for the toilet, shower and bathtub can 
help prevent the next accident statistic. 

What Types of Bathroom Support Rails are Available?

Bathtub, Shower and Bathroom Support Rails
The most commonly used grab bars are used for the bathtub, shower and bathroom walls. Because getting
in and out of a slippery bathtub is challenging for any individual regardless of ability or non-ability,
installing some kind of safety rails is a good idea

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Aquariums & Tanks for sale | In Stock

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Aquariums and Tanks

When you have small pets, such as fish or reptiles, the right aquarium setup can have a dramatic impact on their happiness and well-being. If you know what type of fish that you want, its important to build their tank environment around their specific needs. Whether you are making a first-time purchase or looking to expand your current fish population, you will want to choose a tank and aquarium setup that will provide the appropriate conditions for your little family members.

What size of fish tank do fish need?

When choosing an aquarium, it should be large enough to accommodate your fish and all of the aquascaping you will need to keep them healthy and happy, including room for the proper filter, lights, plants, and other items you wish to include. There is a rule of thumb for tropical fish that states you will need 1 gallon

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Home Improvement for sale | In Stock

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Home Improvement

Make eBay Your Home Improvement Home Page

When you own a home, there is always something on the home improvement to-do list. Some improvements, such as plumbing repair, electrical panel repair and roofing services can be emergency-related. Others, like installing vinyl windows, replacing fuses with a circuit breaker box or upgrading siding materials can improve the energy efficiency of your home. And then there are the more aesthetic home improvements, like kitchen renovation, replacing carpeting or vinyl with hardwood flooring or a bathroom remodel. Not only are these home improvements fun, but they can increase the overall value of your home. For all these home improvement services and more, eBay is a one-stop home improvement shop.

Shop Home Remodeling Online

Let’s face it—some of us are handier around the house than others. If DIY home improvement is your thing, good for you; you can save lots of money

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Bathroom Supplies & Accessories for sale

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Bathroom Supplies and Accessories

The bathroom is a frequently used space in the home. It is also a place where you can decorate to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The key is to find the right bathroom accessories to pull together the look you want while still keeping the space completely functional.

What types of bathroom accessories are available?

There are many accessories available for your bathroom. Some of the décor and storage items people use for bathrooms include soap dishes, towel bars, and toothbrush holders. A shower curtain is an accessory that can completely change the look or decorative theme of the bathroom.

  • You can find matching accessories such as floor mats and toilet covers to create a consistent look.
  • Baskets can be good options to store items you dont want to leave sitting out.
  • Paint, flooring, and lighting options can pull together the look you want with your
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Cheap Kitchens / Kitchen Units / Sale / UK

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Cheap Kitchens

There are hundreds of kitchen companies out there offering over priced kitchens. After all, what is a kitchen, it’s a few pieces of wood, some cabinets, a sink, a tap, an appliance or two and if you go all out – some granite worktops. We know this and you know this. At Cheap Kitchens we cut out the middleman, do away with flashy showrooms and stock our products nice and high so we get the best discounts in the industry.

The name Cheap Kitchens does not mean that our kitchens are of an inferior quality, we are cheap because we buy in bulk to save you, the customer, hundreds of pounds. We buy our kitchens at around 50% less than other kitchen suppliers and we can still afford to offer our nationwide design service. Or we can supply a kitchen to your measurements, whichever is best for you.

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Kitchen, Dining & Bar Supplies for Sale

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Kitchen, Dining & Bar Supplies

Everything You Need to be a Star Chef

From wine glasses to dinner sets to cutlery, every kitchen requires a few basic goods and pasta maker, eBay has the selection to aid every home chef in their quest for kitchen mastery.

Rise, Shine and Be Prepared for Every Occasion

To start your day of cooking or baking on the right foot, you’ll need the latest in the breakfast game. Vitamix and Ninja systems both offer options for your healthiest fruit and vegetable vehicle. Don’t forget the serving bowls for displaying all that fresh fruit, and tumblers for your healthful juice creations.

A Bevy of Basic Kitchen Tools

What is a kitchen without the proper tools? Any at-home chef knows that the perfect set of cutlery is a cook’s best friend, helping you slice and dice everything from the smallest chili pepper to the biggest Halloween

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Homes for Sale, Homes for Rent and Real Estate Listings

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