Here at Turl Street Kitchen we offer a regularly changing menu offering the best of local seasonal produce with a twist of creativity. We are in the heart of the city centre and are embedded in the local community.

Our Tower House guest house offers 8 rooms with free wifi, breakfast at the Turl Street Kitchen, locally sourced artisan toiletries, and a sense of home away from home. 

Turl Street Kitchen and Tower House guest house are social businesses. Through our work, we support Student Hubs, our sister charity. Born right here in Oxford, Student Hubs supports students to tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with each other.

We do our best to create a genuinely warm environment which serves healthy, fresh, seasonal, affordable food, and is embedded within the community in various ways. We make a big effort to be sustainable and respectful of the environment in a number of areas, primarily:

Sourcing – Where our food comes from.

Waste – How we dispose of our food and our waste materials.

Procurement – How we source our other items, how much of them are reclaimed, and how we can close our loops.

Community – How we benefit the community which we are a part of. That means all of us working together and collaborating to make this venue a living, breathing space which really is good food doing good.


We are a Low Carbon Oxford Pathfinder, committed to reducing our carbon emissions.

We adhere to Oxford’s Good Food Charter (below) which aims to improve the food culture in Oxford. 

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